How many people are on your campaign staff? How many volunteers are on your list?


As of today I have 53 volunteers, which continues to grow daily.

This is my first political campaign. However, I have done my homework. I began by forming an
exploratory committee that consisted of Logan Square and 31st Ward community members, attorneys,
and several artists and creative-types. Steve Art, an attorney at the firm of Loevy & Loevy, acts as my
big-picture campaign legal adviser on a volunteer basis. Paul Geiger, the former in house general counsel
at the Fraternal Order of Police acts as my day-to-day campaign adviser on a volunteer basis. Ron
Dahms, my law partner, functions as campaign secretary and financial advisor on a volunteer basis. We
have a New York-based graphic designer, Christy-Claire Katien, who provides volunteer design help.
Likewise, Joe and Joe Media LLC, a media and technology firm helped create my website,
We have approximately twenty-five (25) volunteers (some Spanish and Polish speakers included) working
for us in some capacity. In addition to volunteering from time to time, my wife and family provide a
much needed reservoir of moral support. Everyone thus far involved in the campaign is either a longtime
friend, a concerned citizen who lives in the ward, or a former student of mine.

8 staff and 35 current volunteers.

I currently have a campaign list of 75 people. All are volunteers including 2 campaign managers, media
consultant, social media coordinator and treasurer. 80% of the people are personal and professional friends

I currently have one full-time campaign staffer and active volunteers supporting my re-election.

My campaign staff consists of 32 committed individuals, and list of over 60 ACTIVE volunteers.

I have 6 staff members, and over 60 volunteers

Paid: The Publicity Works. Volunteers staffing the campaign: 5. Other volunters: 23.

Paid: The Publicity Works. Volunteers on our list: over 50.

5 Campaign staffers and approximately 200 volunteers on my list.

5 paid Staff
30 volunteers

Three (3) 200

We have 3 paid staffers and currently have 35 volunteers with more being added every day as our grass roots efforts expand.

My current campaign staff is 4 people with a list of 160 volunteers.

We have 1.5 staff at this point. I have about 45 volunteers who do work on a regular basis, 15 of them make the core of the canvassing

Stephen Niketopoulos IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

My staff has 6 paid members, with 43 volunteers. I have a lot of support though my community groups in finding volunteers for any major project throughout the years, so my volunteer base is very strong.

My campaign staff consists of 14 people. The current infrastructure consist of two campaign offices, campaign chairman, treasurer, strategists, media/marketing, press secretary, policy/issue/research coordinator, scheduler, church coordinator, women’s committee, field director, minister’s committee, voter file database, office
managers, volunteer coordinator, block club coordinator, phone bank coordinator, social media coordinator, direct mail and field visibility programs. I currently have 50 active volunteers

We have one paid staff member and 40 volunteers on our campaign.

Susan Sadlowski Garza IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

candidate's responce

5 full-time.

One staff member, in
2 outreach efforts, we put approximately 62 volunteers into the community.

20 people currently on the campaign staff
. 50 volunteers currently on our list

We are in the process of hiring & currently have a manager. We currently have 50 volunteers.

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I have one full time staffer - my campaign manager - and two part time consultants. I have a six member
kitchen cabinet, 24 consistent volunteers, and a base of 80+ volunteers.

I have five people on my campaign staff. I have a volunterrs list of 30 individuals.

I have 2 staff, 2 consultants, 2 interns, and an active list of 20 volunteers.

I have two paid full time campaign staffers. I have a committee of about 20 fully dedicated volunteers working around the clock, a broader list of about 100 volunteers, and a list of about 900 friends and supporters who are being called on in different capacities to help the campaign, to walk and do phone banking.

Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

My campaign staff consists of 4 individuals, There are 6 individuals working in a consultant
Capacity. There are presently 52 volunteers that provide various duties. I anticipate this number will triple
Once I have cleared the ballot challenge.

I have no paid staff, however I do have a staff of 5 which includes a campaign manager, precinct captain
coordinator, treasurer, social and print manager. I have rotating volunteers

I hired a consulting firm that does management and fundraising and also have a full-time camaign staffer. We have hundreds of volunteers.

I have seven fully dedicated volunteers on my campaign

All campaign staff are volunteers. I have a core group of about 12 who have been active since I announced
my candidacy. Most of these individuals live in the 26th ward and come to the team with experience working
on other local campaigns. We have about 10 other voluneers that help as they are able and are in the process of
recruiting more

Joseph J. Moseley II IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

As of this writing my campaign staff is comprised of five people with specific tasks and duties assigned to
each. We have over fifity volunteers and the list has begun to grow after being certified as a candidate.

About a dozen. Over 100 and growing by the day.

My campaign has one paid staff member, a contracted communications/public relations firm, and a lot of

4 people are on my campaing staff, 37 volunteers with people signing up everyday.

Two paid staff people, over 150 volunteers.

I have a full-time campaign manager and hundreds of volunteers throughout the ward

These are our four staff and consultants:
Alexander Finke, Campaign Manager
Ryan Zmuda, Finance Director
Michelle Contreras, Field Director
Dan Cohen, Pollster & Strategist
We currently have 129 volunteers on our master list. Over 60 have actually already volunteered their time. And,
our volunteer list grows daily

Chevette A. Valentine IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I have 2 part time
staff and 12 volunteers.

We currently have a campaign manager and finance director, as well as an attorney. We are in the
process of hiring several field organizers who will implement our field strategy. Currently, we have about 30
active, dedicated supporters of our campaign. We are continuing to build our volunteer database through meet
and greets, speaking events and general calling and knocking outreach.

I have 10 full-time paid staffers. We have over 200 volunteers on our list.

Two paid staff people, over 150 volunteers.