As concisely as possible, state why you feel you should be endorsed over the other candidate(s). What goals for the office you seek are most important to you personally?


My goals is to return the power of the aldermanic
office to it’s rightful owners, the people of the 34th ward

I am running because I believe that Chicago’s leaders—including the incumbent in my Ward--have
moved decidedly away for representing the interests of the common man and woman. The middle and
working class are where my priorities lay. Both of my opponents who officially made the ballot are bigmoney
political machine candidates. I am an independent candidate running on a progressive, populist
I am running for the people of the 31st Ward and the people of Chicago. My primary focus is on
improving the City’s’ public schools. The more resources we put into Chicago’s schools, the more
resources our children will have to not only succeed in, but also help shape the future that awaits them.
Likewise, public safety has to be a community effort. If Chicagoans cannot live in their communities
without fear, then they do not have a community to live in. Additionally, ensuring that the City has
affordable housing is of high importance to me. If Chicago cannot keep its residents in their
communities, then Chicago will not have communities at all. Finally, the City’s economy must be
developed. If Chicago does not concentrate on developing its employment rates, its economy will never
grow. All of these are independent issues. But if Chicago does not have aldermen/women who focus on
them interdependently, the entire city will suffer.
I am also running because the City of Chicago needs a stronger City Council. Aldermen should have a
significant influence on important policy matters. Too many current aldermen are afraid to make waves. As a result, the mayor’s office becomes the only voice in the room. We already have seen what this can
result in: a 75 year long bad contract for the parking meters, TIF money siphoned out of the
neighborhoods into the pockets of private downtown developers, and the red light ticket fiasco are only
some examples of what can happen when a weak City Council does not stand up for the people of
I am also running to fight for the public employees, the undocumented Americans, the minimum wage
earners, and any other underrepresented group currently under attack from the upper class. I firmly
believe that the City Council has a responsibility to represent and put the middle and working class
people in this City first. These people are the heart and soul of the greatest city in the world.

My experiences span multiple subject matters, from statutory interpretation (which helps in drafting city ordinances)
to understanding of corporate finance (which is to be used in fiscal and financial determinations in spending taxpayer’s
money). I believe that my diverse background, both educational and Professional, my leadership qualities, communication
skills, and inner drive to succeed, all add to the potential productivity that I can bring to City Hall.
 Decreasing crime by fighting more youth services and opportunities.
 Creating jobs with increased efforts towards economic development
 Accessibility, connecting people to the services
 Fighting for a better educational system
 Improving fiscal and financial responsibility in use of city assets and taxpayer’s money.

I have 30 years experience in zoning code enforcement and urban planning. I know how to mobilize residents
and community groups to support civic goals and initiatives. I know how city halls works from the inside and
I am well respected by the working as well as most of the managerial personnel in city hall. I am relentless
when it comes to fighting for a cause. I may not prevail on the first try but I do not give up. The people that
know me are my resume. If you chance to encounter someone that knows me what they say about me is true
and I endorse that statement (With the possible exception of Pat Scrudero, Zoning Administrator. I filed a
labor complaint against her so she may be biased, lol). I know how to disagree without being disagreeable

I feel I should earn the endorsement of the IVI-IPO because of my civic involvement, leadership in the
community, and strong belief in the ideology of transparent and honest government. I have been a proud
member and representative of this organization – earning its endorsement in the Aldermanic race of 2011.
Since then I have remained committed, and helped to form the Chicago Progressive Aldermanic Candidates
(CPAC) group with fellow IVI-IPO member Alonso Zaragoza.

Beyond my demonstrated passion for the 17th Ward, I have a rare combination of book knowledge,
“street smarts,” professional competencies and long-time personal experience with the ward’s residents
and issues. All have taught me that government should be determined by and benefit the people, who
must exert their power to shape their environment. I will involve the 17th Ward in making sure our
young people have an equal opportunity to attend quality public schools, our residents have the police
resources to adequately address crime and our community has the appropriate public and private
resources to create and support a self-sufficient economy, based on locally owned businesses.

My ward is very diverse, predominately African American. Through working with business leaders, my
office has significantly revitalized the ward’s commercial districts. We have attracted an array of
previously unavailable services and flagship companies, some of who are expanding their presence in the
ward. They include Aldi, Staples, K&G Fashion Superstore, the city's first South Side drive-through
Starbuck’s, Jewel/Osco, Anna’s Linens, and Save-A-Lot. The majority of managers and employees hired
have been from the ward. I created a Special Services Area not only to ensure the upkeep of a commercial district, but also to hire the difficult to employ through the CARA program, which has a
classroom component. I am currently involved with negotiations to replace a major brand name grocer,
which closed all its Chicagoland stores.
The ward has a high number of affordable rental units, including the city’s largest number of Section 8
properties that have attracted former public housing residents, but not the services previously available
to them. This has resulted in constant turnover as people continue seeking to improve their living
condition, impacting neighborhood schools and residents’ ability to stay informed. I have monthly ward
meetings, newsletters and as-needed town hall forums to keep people engaged. I have worked to stabilize
areas by maintaining good schools as centers to keep families in the area, even if they move to a different
residence. We are also vigilant about problem properties, ensuring that landlords meet their legal
obligations, as well as that tenants understand their rights and responsibilities.
Our working-class residents also have been most affected by issues related to lack of job opportunities –
particularly youth crime and nuisance behavior. My office has approached problem areas
comprehensively in partnership with the police, businesses, community groups, block clubs, and schools,
with whom we have partnered to expand after-school programs and sponsor positive activities for young
people. Our efforts are paying off and we expect them to play an important role in the future.
I have lived in the ward my entire life. I remember good schools, neighborly conduct, young people
playing safely outside, and a range of activities for all ages, local businesses that supplied many of our
needs. Above all, I want the ward to be a place where residents can work, interact, enjoy themselves and
proudly call home.

My life experiences and my work experiences have led me to a path of community service. 1 am a leader in the community and I know the ward very well, from church meetings in Ukrainian Village to meetings with residents in high-rises, I feel that I can best serve the diverse range of people in our ward.
People of the 2nd Ward and Chicago have good-paying Jobs and we foster Economic Development. People of the 2nd Ward receive their fair share of city services, including Streets and San and CPD. City of Chicago to become more fiscally responsible.

the office you seek are most important to you personally?
I am the only candidate endorsed by progressive groups and am the only one who has founded a pro bono
legal clinic. I fought to save local police stations from closing and spearheaded the grassroots efforts to
save the police station, as a concerned community member and volunteer. I have been a civil rights
attorney for 19 years and have a demonstrated commitment to improving the community.
Public safety, fully funded neighborhood schools, and ethical government.

The most rewarding aspect of being Alderman has been working with people in the community. My
community organizing and planning background. Eight years of positive change throughout all the
communities I serve. The improvement in education, Safety, mental health services, economic growth,
employment and housing restoration and development.
After years of neglect and in partnership with residents, businesses and institutions in our ward, we have
accomplished much. From the $300 million in improvements provided in streets and parkways and lights
to the hundreds of new and rehabbed homes going up throughout the ward.
From the increasing the number of officers for public safety and decreasing crime and violence to
improving educational options and restoring a closed mental health facility.
My experience includes the development of new programs for youth and new market rate and affordable
housing. It includes standing up for legislation to reduce foreclosures and hold lenders responsible for the
property that is on their books. We continue to advocate for expanding pediatric and adult trauma centers.
My experience with the public budget process, and 8 years growing knowledge and experience as the

I have 25 years of service with the Department of Fleet Management, Department of Water, Department of General Services, and have served the past 11 years as Alderman of the 30th Ward. This puts me in a position to work effectively with the City Council and Mayor to ensure that the needs of everyone in the 30th Ward and Chicago are met.

I have the academic background and the track record of activism and social involvement that have prepared me to serve my community. I have a deep commitment to solidarity and social justice, but I don’t think it is enough to denounce it; one must demonstrate with actions. Aside from the incumbent, I am the only candidate backed by a real grassroots organization with a 16-year record of accomplishments. Members of my organization and I work with a number of other community groups and city-wide organizations, which allows me to build the coalitions required to find common ground and represent the 25th Ward in a new democratic and inclusive way.

Stephen Niketopoulos IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I come from the point of view of real neighbors and real problems. I believe we need to look at the city as a whole and decide where restructuring needs to happen. Many issues are effected by the lack of transparency, like funding social programs and approving privatization agreements. Development concerns and the materials being used continue to plague various communities. Traffic concerns and transit improvements are also a major issue, the 2nd Ward has the chance to address some of these most directly with the Finkl steel redevelopment plan. Additionally TIF reform is very important, I hope
to work closely with various members of city council on finding a way to tax our citizens less for corporate projects and loop holes. CPS needs to fund the schools to hire more teachers and shrink the classroom sizes. These are just some examples of my viewpoint, and my focus is to be a champion for
open discussions and accountable government. I am non-partisan and not beholden to any corporation or super PAC, which by itself shows how I stand out from the pack.

I believe that Chicago government needs to be more open and accessible to residents of our city. As
Alderman I have introduced a new form of open and accessible government in my ward. As part of this
process I have invited members of the community to join advisory committees for everything from
zoning issues to park councils. An alderman is the voice of the people and our work in the ward and in
City Hall should reflect the will of the residents in everything we do. I believe that my record as
Alderman is strongly in line with the ideals of the IVI-IPO and that is why I am seeking this
endorsement. (IVI-IPO independent alderman award)

I am a strong advocate for my community and proven leader. I have spent the entirety of my adult life fighting for and serving our nation and communities as a United States Marine, Cook County Deputy Sheriff, Chicago Police Officer and attorney. I have a proven and decorated record of public service and fully understand the legislative requirements of the officer I am seeking. Amongst others, I intend to concentrate much effort in improving the quality of life for the residents of the 29th Ward by implementing programs and goals to reduce crime. By doing so, the Ward will experience a renewed and revitalized interest as stakeholders of the Ward, which will serve to improve community development and economic growth within the Ward. I will focus on creating jobs within the Ward and promoting educational opportunities within the Ward. Lastly, and perhaps most important, is to restore the confidence and trust of the community.

I should be endorsed over other candidates in this race because I represent exactly what the IVI-IPO stands for.
I stand for social justice through good government, believe in the good that responsive local government can
do for its constituents, and have a history of empowering my community by fostering responsible citizen
participation in public affairs. My main priorities for improving my Ward are improving our public schools,
decreasing crime, focusing on our municipal debt and financial responsibilities, preventing further
privatization of taxpayer owned assets, and improving city services.

The three biggest issues facing Chicago are (1) irresponsible budgeting decision have led to inefficient public
service delivery, (2) our leaders have not included the community in neighborhood development decisions, and
(3) corruption and nepotism have eroded the public trust. I have 20 years experience in public service, ranging
from leading social justice communities in the Midwest as they advocated for poverty alleviation programs to
mentoring political and civic leaders around the world to promote good governance practices. I have managed
multi-million dollar government contracts, effectively and effectively. I understand that we make better
decisions when we make them together and have led communities in discussion on how to prioritize public
service needs and develop revitalization plans for their communities. And I have advocated to make
governments more accountable – from fostering legislation on strengthening freedom of association and
assembly to helping nonprofits monitor and report on government spending. I am the only candidate with both
the commitment to being an independent voice to represent the Ward’s best interest and the proven track
record of helping communities get better public services out of their governments.

I attempted throughout my life to help other individuals get the right start in life or start a new path. As a
teacher, I represented other teachers, staff, and Para-professional on the personnel policy team. As a lawyer, I
represent a school district and hold all stakeholders accountable including board members. As the community
representative for the Bogan High School Local School Council, I fought to keep a neighborhood school
(Avalon Park) open when it was placed on the school closure list. Everyday, I represent homeowners in
foreclosure defense to ensure the stability of our communities.
I would like to serve on the Chicago City Council because I am committed to ensuring the highest quality of
education within our community and our city, and because I believe that my experiences as a local school
council community representative, teacher, and attorney will make me a strong addition to the city council

Susan Sadlowski Garza IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

candidate's responce

I represent a truly independent voice for the 43rd Ward. I am independent of political parties or special interests. I support common sense legislation, fiscal responsibility to ensure our city’s strong future, independence from special interests, complete transparency in all decisions and the highest ethical standards possible in our city. I have been public in my positions against Mayoral decisions in our ward, and will always vote for what is best for the 43rd Ward, and for what I believe to be best for he City as a whole.

Each and every community in the 27th ward has been sold out one way or another because of a campaign
contribution or favor given to business owners or developers with political clout. I’m going to bring sound,
ethical government back to the 27th ward.

I feel I should be endorsed over the other candidates because, although every one of the other candidates uses
the word "change" none of their ideas have "changed" from the current Alderman. The other candidates talk
about fighting for ordinances, filling more potholes, better schools and more jobs, but NONE, talk about the
PLAN, the PROCESS of making any of it happen. The other candidates speak as if they can appear before city
council and speak more aggressively than the last Alderman, and their words will convince the council to act !!
Our campaign understands that our number one focus must be to organize our community numbers into a
voting bloc that demands Attention, Fear, Respect and Action. Our campaign understands that our political
system respects TWO things, Numbers of dollars, and Numbers of people (votes), and if you dont come to the
table with one or both of those two things, you are not workING the system, you are merely preparing yourself
to work FOR the system.
Our most important goals are to create these organized numbers, to create a base of power that allows us to
govern independently, without seeking power from the status quo representatives. After establishing our base
of power, we will move to demand fair distribution of resources that create jobs and entrepreneurs, such as the
$2 billion in annual contract spending by the city of Chicago, while we simultaneously organize the
community to take part in cooperative investing, a nongovernmental solution. Next, an elected school board
and reinstate the power of the LSC's and organize the community behind an Elected Civilian Police
Accountability Council, to have direct oversight over our safety officers.

The twenty-fourth ward is plagued by crime, housing issues, a lack of quality education, and a lack of economic development. My goals are to create jobs by spurring economic development; hire a ward superintendent to ensure that we keep a clean and vibrant ward; work with the city, county, and state to assist home owners with foreclosure and rid the ward of abandoned buildings and vacant lots; create a police accountability program to deal with police abuse of authority -- this program would, amongst other things, force police officers to carry professional liability insurance coverage similar to the malpractice insurance doctors carry; strengthen our school system by securing more funding for education and continuing to work in Springfield to push a for an elected representative school board

I feel that I should be endorsed over other candidates because I believe in the seventh ward which represents
community, family values and the opportunity for economic growth. Based upon many conversations with
residents and businesses we share the same vision for our ward – the need for engaged leadership that will
represent us in the ward and in city council. Together we can improve our schools, create more jobs and make
our streets safer as we rebuild a stronger 7th ward.

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I am running on behalf of the 35th Ward’s working families to stop the corporate handouts and put our
neighborhoods first. My opponent – incumbent Rey Colon – has abandoned the values he was elected on in
2003, and has instead spent his time in office working for corporate interests and his campaign contributor
friends. He has voted 97% of the time with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, including against TIF reform that
would have turned over surplus TIF dollars to our neighborhood public schools. I have a strong track
record of standing up for regular Chicagoans, I worked against school closures and have helped families on
Chicago’s northwest side that are facing deportation. I have committed my life to public service and will
ensure that my ward’s working families have a friend in City Council that is advocating for the needs of
our neighborhoods and providing the quality constituent services they deserve.

Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

One reason for endorsing me is that I have been an active citizen in the community who knows and
is known by numerous community councils, associations, business organizations, non-profit organizations,
churches and political officials as I have joined in to improve my neighborhood and Greater Roseland

I am the only independent candidate in the race for 2nd Ward Alderman. I have the experience, community connections, and council relationships to be a strong, effective alderman and council member. One of my major goals is to be a leader in the Progressive Caucus, and help propose and advance legislation written by the group. I believe that I can be a bridge to other members because of my strong existing relationships in council and help get initiatives passed. I've worked with all the communities in the new 2nd ward in some capacity already , and have strong relationships with the existing community groups. I plan to use these relationships to build a cohesive ward and serve everyone.

The current Alderman is not engaged with the community and does not represent the Ward as a whole.
Some goals I have are to increase city services in the Ward to what every other community gets, to
address the Airport Noise issue, to involve the residents more in the process, and to use my
infrastructure knowledge to help the city to be more efficient and eliminate waste.

I should be endorsed over the other candidates because I have a passion for helping people, especially seniors,
I am not in it for the money and I am retired therefore I will be a full time employee.
My goal is to see the 21st ward soaring above the other wards; I want to see minority shops and franchises that
represent the community and where the money turns over in the community. I want residents of the 21st ward
to have pride in where we live and not have to go outside the community to shop

I’ve been working hard to represent the interests of all residents in my ward, serving as their advocate. Helping to stabilize the housing stock and putting foreclosures back on the market, helping folks to have affordable housing and bringing jobs back to the community.

The area is predominantly Latino and they need a community person that knows the struggles and the issues of
the ward. It is easier for a Latino to relate to a community person that has their best interest at heart and has
been in the community conducting community events for years as oppose to a person that cannot relate to the
diverse culture. Being from a low-income environment I understand the people and can be bi-cultural. This
ward needs a person that will voice their concerns and that they can relate to which is crucial.
My goals will be to reduce the crime by initiating community centers in the ward which we have never had in
the 20 years of the incumbent being in office. I will work on bringing in resources for our youth and jobs for
the young adults due to the high crime.

Overall, I have experience that I can put it in place immediately to produce results to better the 26th
ward. All of my professional accomplishments in life are due to my hard work, dedication and perseverance. I
can also not negate the fact that I have been fortunate to have had different people along the way support my
efforts. I am a fast learner and not afraid to “roll up my sleeves”. I am a critical thinker and find ways to get
things done.
Personally, I think most goals for the betterment of the 26th ward are interrelated. My community is plagued by
violence. My top priorities are to work with our police to maintain public safety. We are in a critical time in
history where there is much discontent and mistrust geared towards our police. As a first step, I believe I can
be a bridge between the community and police to find ways to communicate and work together. I also believe
these efforts will have an impact on infrastructure development and city services. We need new business in
our neighborhoods. We have multiple empty storefronts where there is potential for new business that can help
the community thrive. Lastly, regenerating our schools and increasing city services are priorities.

When I ran for election in 2011, the 50th Ward was in a bad place, from ineffective relationships with public safety officials to our schools not getting enough attention to promised constituent services that would never arrive, and the quality of life was dropping. I promised to turn that around and I have delivered on that promise.
Since taking office, I meet regularly with principals from the public and parochial schools in the 50th Ward. Additionally, I have sponsored Educational Forums to help parents learn more about early childhood, elementary and high school programs.
I have advocated for funding for infrastructure and other improvements and delivered million of dollars in City resources to 50th Ward schools. In 2012 and 2013, Chicago Public Schools invested nearly $7 million in capital dollars in 50th Ward schools. That includes new lighting at Armstrong Elementary; flooding abatement, new lighting, new lockers and additional facility improvements at Boone Elementary; a new playground, HVAC and chimney repairs and new lighting at Clinton Elementary; new lighting at Decatur Elementary; structural improvements including brickwork, ADA upgrades, new lockers and lighting improvements at Rogers Elementary School; and lighting improvements and security cameras at Stone Elementary. All three un-air conditioned schools (Boone, Decatur and Rogers) now have air conditioning.
We put constituent services first and I have the most responsive and efficient aldermanic office in the City of Chicago. I have close relationships with the City’s department commissioners and we work tirelessly to fix potholes, clean sewers, complete tree trims and remove graffiti as quickly as possible. I have maximized investment in our community to benefit our constituents and businesses. Our ward’s streets and alleys were devastated by years of neglect. For years, very little was spent to fix our city streets. Since 2011, I have secured millions of dollars in discretionary funding to repave more than 100 streets in the 50th Ward. We have eight new parks in our Ward – at my urging, every park has been rebuilt and modernized for residents. The Ward’s greatest business district is being transformed into a first-rate commercial showcase that will rank among the very best in the City when it is completed. Devon Avenue has a bright future for the first time in many years. I delivered a multi-million dollar streetscape project that includes new streets, wider sidewalks, new lighting, street furniture, new planters and trees and features to improve pedestrian safety. This multi-year project, which is currently underway, will drive the economy and investment in one of the City’s most vibrant business districts. Our police officials and other first-responders communicate with me over the phone and via text on a daily basis and I have a tremendous staff that is available to help residents. That staff benefits from the strong relationships I have built with our City’s departments. Since the start of my term in Office, I, or someone from my staff, have attended all CAPS meetings with residents so we can better understand their concerns and work to identify solutions. In 2011, we initiated a program during which we meet monthly with business owners to address specific issues. This first-of-its-kind program has been very successful and is ongoing. In partnership with Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, I have hosted several day-long policing events with a multi-jurisdictional task force consisting of numerous public safety agencies, including the 24th Police District. These events, which were the first of their kind in the City of Chicago, flooded the neighborhood with more than 50 Sheriff’s Police and Chicago Police officers. The taskforce has netted dozens of arrests in our community including the criminals with outstanding warrants, violent offenders and drug dealers. Drugs and weapons were taken off the streets. Other wards have adopted this program following the successes in the 50th Ward.

I’m running because I believe I can do better than what our alderman has done over the past 24 years in office here. Better at improving our schools, reducing crime, creating business development and running a responsive ward office. But also in changing how we do politics in this city by taking the money and political parties our of campaigning and out of our government. We need candidates who will place the interests of their constituency and the interests of this city first, above any special interests and any political party. I am that kind of candidate and that’s why I will be a much better alderman than our incumbent and also why I will win.

Joseph J. Moseley II IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I feel that I should be endorsed over the other candidates because I’m willing to fight for what’s right, not
what’s politically expedient. My goals are to stop the kids from killing each other, eliminate the high volume
of abandon and foreclosed homes in my ward, and bring back the public education system

As the only truly independent candidate running for office in the 43rd Ward and a member of the IVI­IPO, I embody the spirit and essence of a truly independent candidate. I have no ties to the traditional political Chicago machine and a core passion to create an open and transparent office that sets the standard for how the office can be.

I believe my track record on behalf of my ward and the people, businesses, and organizations in it is one of
persistent hard work. In partnership with my constituents, we are finally turning the tide on long years of
neglect on the Far South Side, but there is more work to be done, and I’m confident that I am the person for the
job. I have the experience and the relationships to keep the 9th Ward moving forward together.
Over the past years, I’ve helped to bring 3,000 new jobs to the ward – well-paying ones in manufacturing and
logistics as well as retail and warehousing. I have helped secure millions for schools and infrastructure
improvements and soon hope to bring the city’s first national park to our community.
My highest priority is working with my constituents and all my ward’s stakeholders to keep it moving forward.
We’ve made great progress during my time in office—thousands of new jobs have come to the ward, and
hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in businesses, schools, and infrastructure. The Red Line
extension to 130th Street is on its way to becoming a reality, which will provide unprecedented and muchneeded
access to economic opportunity for residents of my ward. But the battle is from over, and I will
continue to push to make sure that my ward emerges stronger than ever from the latest economic malaise.

24 ears of public service, experience in delivering city services

Now is a key moment in the 39th Ward where a real opportunity exists to unseat a long standing and
ineffective alderman who treats the ward like a family business, who voted 100% with Daley and now
100% with Emanuel, and who will certainly try to hand her seat down to someone in her family. The
39th Ward is the last ward on the NW side where the failing machine still has some sway, but it is
vulnerable enough to remove in a similar fashion to what happened in the 36th and 45th wards in 2011.
Regarding other candidates, my campaign is the only one to have raised a significant amount of
money (the others are less than $2000), have a real campaign infrastructure, have a contact list over
2000 and a volunteer list over 150 people. I understand the work it takes to win and the direction this
campaign needs to go to get there.

I believe I have a pragmatic, common sense approach to the 46th Ward and what needs to be done to
solve the community’s problems. I am the only candidate in this race who does not carry baggage from the last
two aldermen and the long, partisan fight in this ward over affordable housing. I believe we need to address
the problem of violence on our streets and the need for greater economic development in our ward without harassing
the homeless, voting to cut mental health services, and cutting affordable housing with no thought to
replacing it. I believe we need to preserve, and in some cases, improve, affordable housing in the neighborhood,
but that people living in the ward should be able to stay in the ward.

My values, priorities, and track record are consistent with IVI-IPO's mission to achieve social justice through
good government by increasing voter participation and knowledge. Based on a years of working with
community groups and neighbors in the 26th Ward and a listening tour I conducted priorities to announcing my
campaign, these are my highest priorities.
● Independence and Accountability: I will make decisions after listening to community desires, not what
donors or other elected officials ask her to do.
● Strengthening Our Schools: I will fight to make sure that neighborhood schools stay open and have the
resources they need to help our children succeed.● Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe: I will work to strengthen partnerships between community groups
and the police to reduce crime and violence.
● Creating Jobs And Strengthening the Community: I will support businesses that pay living wage jobs,
increasing the minimum wage, preserving affordable housing and other community development efforts
that build on the current diversity of the ward.
I am personally very motivated about trying to create a stronger sense of community and engagement across
racial/ethnic and socioeconomic lines in a gentrifying ward.

I am proud to be a seven-time recipient of the IVI-IPO’s Best Aldermanic Voting Record Award, and my voting
record has earned me a nearly-perfect rating. I was proud to have been the lead sponsor of the first ordinance in
Chicago City Council history ever to be passed over the objections of a mayor named “Daley,” the Big Box
Living Wage Ordinance.
My solid record of achievement in the 49th Ward provides an equally important reason to endorse me. I have
demonstrated a commitment, unmatched by my opponents, to preserve and enhance the cultural, ethnic, racial
and economic diversity of my community. I played a pivotal role in securing the Gateway Plaza Shopping
Center. The shopping brought to our community a full-service grocery store, which the community had been
without since 1993, a Bally’s Health Club, a Marshall’s and a number of other retail amenities.
Moreover, together with area local school councils, I successfully lobbied the Chicago Board of Education to
secure construction of an addition to Gale School and won commitments for the construction of two new
elementary schools. Under my tenure, thousands of units of market rate and affordable housing have been
renovated and constructed, including 1528 W. Morse, a once notorious crack house that was converted with my
help into an affordable senior housing building.
I led the fight to bring community policing to Chicago and the 24th Police District, and crime in my community
has declined over 50% since I was first elected alderman. I continue to operate a first-rate, professional ward
service office, which handles over 10,000 service requests every year.
I oversee one of the most transparent and inclusive decision making processes of any elected official in the
nation. I was the first elected official in the nation to implement a “Participatory Budgeting” model of
democratic participation, in which I gave the residents of my ward the power to determine by direct vote how to
spend my $1.3 million in discretionary capital improvement dollars in the ward. The process is gaining national
and international attention, and I was invited to speak on my Participatory Budgeting initiative at Harvard
University, Brown University, and the University of California at Berkley. I was also invited by the City of
Porto Alegre, Brazil, the birthplace of participatory budgeting, to speak at a conference in that city. Finally, I
was invited to speak on our participatory budgeting initiative at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France.
I was also the only alderman in the city to implement a community-based process for examining my ward’s
zoning map. As a result of that process, I introduced and passed over 30 separate zoning ordinances, which will
control over-development and preserve the residential character of my ward.
Working with my wife Barbara and other community leaders, I launched the Glenwood Sunday Market, which
has quickly become one of Chicago’s most popular farmers’ markets. The market followed on the heels of
numerous other green initiatives I oversaw, such as the formation of the 49th Ward Green Corps and the annual
“Neighborhood Swap.”

I’ve strengthened community ties with regular neighborhood events, such as the annual Back to School Picnic,
the Community Bike Ride, the Rogers Park Dinner and Pub Crawls, and the weekly “Follow Me on Friday”
series that highlights a 49th Ward business each week.
Finally, I’ve kept my ward residents up to date on community and City Council news with regular, almost daily,
electronic newsletters. This same information is shared with thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter. I
personally interact with social media supporters on both platforms – even those people that have unflattering
opinions about me.
I would like to continue to be a leading progressive independent voice in the City Council while working to
preserve my neighborhood’s unique racial and economic diversity.

Chevette A. Valentine IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

My passion for my ward and the residents
that live within the 7th Ward. This Ward deserved leadership that will be a ever presence in the
community, providing a voice for the people.

Now is a key moment in the 39th Ward where a real opportunity exists to unseat a long standing and
ineffective alderman who treats the ward like a family business, who voted 100% with Daley and now
100% with Emanuel, and who will certainly try to hand her seat down to someone in her family. The
39th Ward is the last ward on the NW side where the failing machine still has some sway, but it is
vulnerable enough to remove in a similar fashion to what happened in the 36th and 45th wards in 2011.
Regarding other candidates, my campaign is the only one to have raised a significant amount of
money (the others are less than $2000), have a real campaign infrastructure, have a contact list over
2000 and a volunteer list over 150 people. I understand the work it takes to win and the direction this
campaign needs to go to get there

I believe that our city needs to move forward, rather than backward. My opponents are backed by members of the old Mayor Richard M. Daley regime, including former Alderman Vi Daley. I have accomplished many of the goals I had set out for my first term: expanding Lincoln Elementary School, preserving the LaSalle Language Academy as a magnet school, and negotiating a community-supported compromise to redevelop the former Children’s Memorial Hospital site.

I will continue to be an advocate for streamlining City spending, increasing the transparency and efficiency of City government, and expanding housing opportunities for all Chicagoans.