What candidates have you supported in past elections? Please be specific in describing your role in each campaign.


I have very little political experience.

I supported Judge Steven Watkins in his judicial election in March of 2014. I was a field manager.

Student Organizer – Barack Obama Presidential Campaign (2008)
Field Organizer – Barack Obama Re-Election Campaign (2012)

My husband is an Illinois State Senator and the 50th Ward Committeeman. I have supported numerous Democratic candidates over the years from Barack Obama to judicial candidates. Through canvassing, phone banking, organizing events and fundraisers, I have been involved in all aspects of numerous campaigns for Democrats in the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

I have supported John Steele (Alderman Ward 6) in his first campaign as alderman. I volunteered and played a significant role in his ground strategy in defeating Ronald Robinson, the incumbent appointed alderman filling the vacancy of
Eugene Sawyer who was appointed Mayor following the death of Mayor Harold Washington.
I supported Freddrenna Lyle as alderman when she filled the vacancy of John Steele, who resigned to be appointed to the circuit
court and I supported her for her initial election afterwards.

I have supported Rev. James Meek when he ran for Senator. Robocalls, handouts plamcards and pollwatcher.

Judge Kristal Rivers, 2014, as faith based and community coordinator; Ald. Latasha Thomas, 2007, as
director of field operations; Mayor Richard M. Daley, 2003, as Southside coordinator; State Sen.
Jacqueline Collins, 2002, as campaign manager; State Sen. Barak Obama’s 1st Dist. Congressional bid,
2000, as 17th Ward precinct organizer; Ald. Terry Peterson, 1999, as precinct captain.

My role as Democratic Committeeman has me involved with many candidates and all elections

State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie, State Sen. Kwame Raoul, U.S. Cong. Bobby Rush, State Rep. Will
Burns, State Rep. Marlow Colvin, State Sen. Donne Trotter, Cook County Board President Toni
Preckwinkle, and Barack Obama for all his elected positions. I assist with hosting rallies, field work,
serving as a surrogate speaker, and organizing election day volunteers.

I have volunteered for Barack Obama for his second US Senate race. I also volunteered for his presidential
race. I was the Database Chair for Sandra Otaka’s historic judicial race in the 9th Subcircuit. I volunteered for
Naisy Dolar’s campaign for 50th Ward Alderman. I recently volunteered for Josina Morita’s campaign for
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. I also volunteered for Tammy Duckworth’s campaigns for US
Congress and for Raja Krishnamoorthi’s bid for Illinois Comptroller, I volunteered for Lisa Madigan when she
first ran for Attorney General. I volunteered for Governor Pat Quinn’s campaigns.

I endorsed Tim Egan in the "runoff' for Alderman 43rd Ward in 2011. I consider myself an independent Democrat. I always review candidates' qualifications, abilities, and experience prior to supporting them.

Alderman Waguespack (since 2007, door knocking and e-day poll watching)
• Melanie Ferrand (2014 Democratic Primary for 40th IL State Rep, door knocking and phone banking)
• Will Guzzardi (2014 Democratic Primary, e-day poll watching)

I have worked on numerous campaigns since 1972, i.e. Richard M Daley for Mayor, Michael A. Wojick, John Merlo, Bernard Hansen, Ray Suarez, and Luis Guttierez, Jesse White for Sec. of State, Lisa Madigan for Attorney General, and Pat Quinn for Governor.

I have supported progressive candidates such as Senator William Delgado, State Representative elect Will Guzzardi, former mayoral candidate Miguel Del Valle, and many others. I have also been supportive of numerous IVI-IPO endorsed candidates.

Dick Durbin, Pat Quinn, Jesse White, Lisa Madigan, Judy Baar Topinka, Mike Frerichs, Mike Quigley,
Toni Preckwinkle, David Orr, Tom Dart, Maria Pappas, John Fritchey, Richard Boykin, Luis Arroyo
Jr, and many other judges etc

Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin, assisted in phone banking

-Cook County Board President John Stroger Jr Deputy Campaign Manager,
-Jehan Gordon for State Rep (92 District), Deputy Campagn Manager
- State Representative Ken Dunkin (5th District), Deputy Campagn Manager
-Art Turner for State Rep (9th District), Volunteer

Stephen Niketopoulos IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

Will Guzzardi, I was a precinct captain and volunteer for Logan Square/Palmer Square

In the past municipal election I supported Miguel Del Valle, although I only played a minor role. I voted for President Barak Obama, and most recently I supported Gov. Pat Quinn for re-election. In this latest campaign I played a larger role than in prior campaigns registering people to vote and helping get them out to vote. I have also been involved in placing the referendum for a democratically elected school board on the ballot.

Due to professional constraints, I have not actively supported campaigns in the last 10 years.

Susan Sadlowski Garza IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

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My husband and I worked on Dick Simpson’s campaign for Congress in 1992. We also supported Phil Andrew’s campaign for the Illinois House 57th District in 1994.

I have not been poltical in the past.

I started as a volunteer for Alderman Arenda Troutman, later becoming a precinct captain, then area coordinator and eventually
became the President of her 20th Ward Regular Democrats organization. I helped two challengers, Che "Rhymefest" and Dock
Walls, Che's campaign I simply served as a field soldier, and for Dock Walls, I helped to organize street teams.

most recently Governor Pay Quinn for re-election, November 2014

I have not actively supported candidates in the past other than small donations many years ago

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

My first campaign was in 2006, when I supported my uncle – Ramon Ocasio III – for judge. I organized
my classmates and friends to join me on daily canvasses. In 2007, after a short stint as a volunteer, I was
hired as paid field staff on the campaign of Greg Brewer for 50th Ward Alderman. Greg Brewer was
challenging Alderman Bernie Stone, and had won the endorsement of the Chicago Federation of Labor.
After Greg Brewer failed to make the run off, I was hired by SEIU to help Alderman Joe Moore as a
precinct captain in his April 2007 run-off election. In 2008, I was a candidate for Democratic
Committeeman in a precinct of Champaign County, IL and won my election handidly. In 2010, I
campaigned for both Rudy Lozano, Jr. for State Representative and Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia for Cook County
Commissioner. I would canvass for their campaigns on the weekends. In 2011, I started “Students for Luis
Gutierrez,” to draft Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez in to the mayoral race. After Congressman Gutierrez
withdrew his name from consideration, I enthusiastically campaigned for Miguel Del Valle for Mayor. I
regularly canvassed neighborhoods and recruited new volunteers. In 2012, I canvassed for Rudy Lozano,
Jr. for State Representative, and in 2014, I canvassed for Will Guzzardi for State Representative. In 2013, I
helped Juan Ochoa for Cicero Town President on election day.

No response provided

I have worked for Alderman John Arena as volunteer field person, Alderman Proco Joe Moreno as his graphic designer, Alderman Scott Waguespack as his fundraiser and political director, State Rep. Will Guzzardi working in field on both of his campaigns

Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

Recent Candidates I have supportted are Barack Obama in his bid to to become a US Senator and President
of the United States.

Please be specific in describing your role in each

Jesse White, Recorder, Secretary of State, Deputy Campaign Manager, Maryanna Spyropolus, Alexi, Quinn,
Burnett 4 Congress

Precinct Coordinator and Poll Watcher for the 8
th District Cook County Commissioner Edwin Reyes 2014, Volunteer for
Senator William Delgado in 2014, and Canvasser and Organizer for Mayoral Candidate Pastor Wilfredo De Jesus in 2011.

Gery Chico for Mayor; Political Campaign Organizer; Alderman John Arena targeting voters, President
Obama canvassed in the States of Ohio and Indiana.

. Presidential Candidates: Robert Kennedy (’68), George McGovern (’72), Jimmy Carter (’76), John Kerry (‘04’), Obama (’08)

Joseph J. Moseley II IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

State Sen. Richard H. Newhouse, Congressman/Mayor Harold Washington, State Sen. D. Trotter, I was a
precinct worker

There have been many, many elections in my life. During the most recent election I supported Governor
Quinn, Secretary of State Jesse White, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Senator Durbin, and Lt. Gov. Sheila
Simon, as well as Cook County Board Chair Toni Preckwinkle. In 2012 I supported President Obama.

Alderman Helen Shiller, I was one of her top 4 campaign statagics which took Alderman Shiller to victory
in all of her elections, Planned a march with over 200 people from the Heart of Uptown to bring out the vote,
Held Gospel Fest with Gospel singers from Uptown and across the city of Chicago, held at Peoples Church the
only thing you needed to get in was you voter registation card, if you didn’t have one we registrar you right
State Rep Sarah Feingenholtz, won all my precents which took State Representative Feingenholtz to victory.
JP Pritzker run for Congress, won all 9 of my pcts even though he lost the rest of the ward (46) to
Congressman Jan Schakowsky
Tom Sharp 46
th Ward Democatic Ward Committeman, I found out the challaenger Sandra Reed received
signitures from serveral buildings I knew Supported Tom, I asked the Seniors at 4040 N. Sheridan and I also
asked Cornerstone Shelter found out that the petition at 4040 N. Sheridan was left laying on the front desk
without a cirulator and at Cornderston the signitures that were collected the people no longer lived there by
several years. Challenged Ms. Reed signitures with the Board of Elections, took Seniors from the building to
testify in front of the Board of Elections, and had an employee from Cornerstone Shelter to testify also that the
people had not lived there for several years. I was able to get Ms. Reed off the ballot by one signiture. Ms
Reed was not allowed to have her name on the ballot, which Tome Sharp became the Democartic Ward
Committeeman 46th Ward.
Bobby Rush, Congressional re-election, and His Democartic Ward Comitteeman Office, had several
precients and won them
Jon Erickson candidate for Judge had 8 pct. In Uptown and won them even though we lost the race by 11
Rahm Emanuel Congressional Race, had 9 preceints in the 46th Ward won all 9. Door knocking, voter
Registation, plus count, and turning out the vote.
Jon Cullerton, something happened to his petitions 72 hrs before it was time to turn them in, I went out and
400 plus good signitures needed for him to get on the ballot
Mike Quigley, 1st Congresstional race, got signitures for his petitions, voter registration, won my pecients.
Freddrena Lyle, Went on the South side to help was given 2 pct. to work in 2007 won, lost the pct I work
for her in 2011
Larry McKeon, did petitions to get Larry on the ballot, and worked his election
In 1991 and 1994 I had the highest number of newly registrared voters and Black voters in the entire City of
Chicago. That’s how I was arecruited by Congressman Bobby L. Rush in 1994.

John Arena, Deputy Campaign Manager

Cynthia Soto against 1st Ward alderman Jesse Granato--I was associate director of Bickerdike Redevelopment
Corporation at the time, so I was not allowed to publicly work on the campaign. But I was part of making
candidate forums happen, GOTV efforts, and driving elderly voters to the polls on election day.
Rey Colon’s first campaign against Vilma Colom--hosted meet and greet
Rey Colon’s second campaign against Vilma Colom--hosted meet and greets, advised on housing policy issues
and helped answer questionnaires, passer, runner, poll watcher on election day, later participated on his 35th
Zoning Advisory CommitteeManny Flores’ run-off against Jesse Granato—co-hosted volunteer gathering with Flores to connect folks who
had been working Colon’s campaign to Flores’ run-off effort, passer and runner on election day, later advised
him on housing policy issues from time to time upon his request
Billy Ocasio—donated to his campaigns and regularly attended his fundraisers, participated on the Puerto Rican
Agenda which served as his think tank, participated on his 26th Ward Housing Committee
Iris Martinez’s 2008 race—managed phone banking operation for Latinos for Martinez satellite office,
participated with Women for Martinez organizing and fundraising efforts, managed a precinct on election day.
Rudy Lozano’s first race—co-hosted a fundraiser, attended two other fundraisers, managed a precinct on
election day.
Jesus “Chuy” Garcia’s first Cook County Commissioner—co-hosted a fundraiser, did some office work.
Miguel del Valle for Mayor—directed policy team, circulated petitions, managed a precinct on election day.
Eddie Reyes’ second Cook County Commissioner race—recruited a team of volunteers to do door-to-door
work, host meet and greets, and work election day, co-hosted a Latinas for Reyes fundraiser.
Will Guzzardi’s two races—provided limited behind the scenes advice and connections to the Latino
community, co-hosted a Latinas for Guzzardi fundraiser in second race.

My political volunteer work began in the fall of 1970 when I did leafleting for IVI’s Evanston office. I’ve done
door-to-door canvassing for George McGovern for President (1972), Abner Mikva for Congress (1974, 1976,
1978), Dick Lyons for Alderman (Evanston, 1973), Betty Papangelis for Alderman (Evanston, 1975), Joe
Lundy for State Senate and Woody Bowman for State Rep. (1976), Deborah Senn for State Rep. (1982), David
Orr for Alderman (1983) Harold Washington for Mayor (1983), Paul Simon for U.S. Senate (1984), and Barack
Obama for President in Indiana, Iowa, Ohio and Wisconsin (2008).
I was Congressional District Coordinator for the CD surrounding Galesburg, Illinois for John Anderson’s
Presidential bid (Spring 1980), and Illinois Student Coordinator for his independent campaign (Fall 1980). I
was Area Chair for Mike Kreloff for Ward Committeeman (1984), and Precinct Coordinator for the entire 49th
Ward for David Orr and Harold Washington (1987).
As Network 49 President, I organized and coordinated ward-wide campaign work for all of our endorsed
candidates in 1988, 1989 and 1990, including Dukakis for President (1988), Bloom and Evans for Mayor
(1989), Orr for County Clerk and Schakowsky for State Rep. (1990).
As Alderman, I supported and worked for Rich McMenamin’s bid for Ward Committeeman and Carol Ronen’s
bid for State Rep. (1992) and served on the Illinois Steering Committee for Bill Clinton for President (1992
and 1996). I also supported and worked for Jan Schakowsky’s bid for Congress (1998), Julie Hamos’ bid for
State Rep. (1998), Howard Dean’s bid for President (2003-04); David Fagus’ bid for re-election as Democratic
Ward Committeeman (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012); and Barack Obama’s bid for the U.S. Senate (2004)
and President (2008, 2012). I supported and worked for the Democratic ticket in the fall 1992, 1994, 1996,
1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 elections.

Chevette A. Valentine IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

Governor Pat Quinn, Senator Dick Durbin, Congressmen Davis, Rush, various local
politicians that I have volunteered for and with.

I was a finance intern for Ohio Attorney General Lee Fisher (Democrat) in 1994. I volunteered for Bill
Clinton’s 1996 campaign. I volunteered for Barack Obama’s senate campaign in 2006, and in 2008, I worked
for six months on his first presidential campaign. I was a volunteer for Josina Morita for Metropolitan Water
Reclamation District. I have made financial contributions to many Democratic candidates, including Sens.
Dick Durbin, Tammy Baldwin and Joe Donnelly; Treasurer-Elect Mike Frerichs; Josina Morita and Debra
Shore for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District; and Cook County Commissioner Mike Cabonargi.

Barack Obama for President, volunteer
Forrest Claypool for Cook County Board President, volunteer
John Kerry for President, volunteer
Al Gore for President, volunteer

John Arena, Deputy Campaign Manager