What subjects have you studied and what experience have you had which will be most helpful to you in the office you seek?


I believe my interpersonal people skills will be most helpful to me in office. However, I also have a MA
in English and a JD with an international certificate, and I believe each lends well to requirements of the
office. I have studied labor employment law, human rights, art, women studies, geopolitics, and
literature extensively. I am an attorney and a college English professor. In both professions, I have
gained extensive experience working with diverse individuals with unique skill sets and complex
problems. I have become as adept at working with labor organizations, like the Fraternal Order of Police, as I have with eighteen year old inner city kids beginning their freshman year in college. Having
a legal background will aid me extensively in terms of voting on City legislation, but the experiences with
people I have cultivated as a lawyer and teacher will serve me best in office

As for my educational training, I have earned degrees in both, The University of Illinois' MBA
program with concentrations in Finance and The University of Illinois' College of Law. As for
professional recognition and licensure, I hold an active license to practice law in the state of Illinois
with active bar membership in good standing. In addition to these accomplishments, my technical background consists of a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in
Mathematics from The University of Illinois. I feel that all my experience will be helpful in the office
of alderman of the 18th ward.

In terms of formal education, I earned at Loyola University an MA in Urban Government, as well as
completed the School of Business Administration Executive Education Program. Through the City of
Chicago, I earned a Chicago Intergovernmental Executive Development Program Certificate of
Completion from Harold Washington College and, from Western Illinois University, a Bachelor of
Business in Accounting and Operations Management.
Professionally, I established a successful accounting career in the private sector at several Fortune 500
companies, as well as with Chicago’s Department of Aviation and Housing Authority. I am currently an
assistant to the commissioner of the Cook County Board of Review, coordinating the Faith-based
Community Initiative. My work in the public sector has exposed me to nearly every aspect of
government management, including hands-on experience with cost-benefit analysis, budgeting, strategic
planning, directing inter-agency teams, and projecting the impact of initiatives related to such issues as
urban renewal, affordable housing, land use, public works, and transportation. I oversaw projects for
redeveloping the South Loop, creating job-training sites and identifying employment opportunities for
low-income residents.
I trace my “call” to public service back to my days as an 11-year-old walking the 17th Ward with my
uncle, an assistant precinct captain. Years later, I became precinct captain and field operations director
of the ward’s Democratic Organization. I worked on behalf of local neighborhoods in several capacities;
most notably successful voter registration drives, assisting officials shut down drug houses and commonsense
gun legislation. I also played key roles in city, state and national elections.
I lived most of my childhood in Robert Taylor Homes. Grassroots activism has been a lifelong passion,
particularly in the areas of community empowerment, labor rights and uplifting our young people. I
gained an in-depth understanding of critical issues most recently through my involvement with the
Chicago Teachers Union during the strike, lobbying the Illinois legislature for the HB 3283 moratorium
on school closings, gathering signatures supporting an elected school board, the Good Jobs Chicago
campaign, marches with fast food workers in support of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and
my association with several youth-service organizations.

Susan Sadlowski Garza IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

candidate's responce

I am an expert in zoning code enforcement as well as an expert urban planner as a direct result of my 30 years
working with the Department of Zoning. I have a bachelor degree in Industrial Technology from Illinois State
University majoring in safety and fire protection. I have 5 children, the youngest of which is a freshman at
EIU. I have been active with my children’s education and so have been a member of the Owen Academy,
Beasley Academic Academy and Harlan Career Academy (which I was president for 4 years)Local School
I also have been active in block clubs for over 30 years.

-Bachelor of Business – Western Illinois University (2008)
-Master of Business Administration – Western Illinois University (2010)

I’m an Accountant for over thirty years and my area of expertise is Budgeting. My masters in Criminal Justice has enable me to participate in stop the violence through out the City of Chicago and have
given me a better understanding regarding the criminal activity that has taken over our community.

Please refer to biographical note at the end of this section. A Chicago native and fierce community advocate with deep roots in the South Shore and Hyde Park neighborhoods,
Leslie Hairston has built a professional career dedicated to public service. The fourth term alderman of Chicago's 5th
Ward sits on six city council committees. She is vice chair of Economic, Capital & Technology Development and a
member of Finance; Budget & Government Operations; Committees, Rules & Ethics; Health & Environmental Protection;
and Special Events, Cultural Affairs & Recreation. She also chairs the council’s Black Caucus Sub-committee on
Business and is a member of the Chicago City Council Progressive Reform Coalition.
Since her first aldermanic election in 1999, Hairston has been instrumental in spearheading infrastructure improvements,
business development, and initiatives to enhance ward residents’ safety, security and quality of life. She helped pioneer
environmentally friendly waste collection programs and, most recently, opened up the menu process to engage
constituents in determining how to allocate city funds earmarked for capital improvements. Hairston oversees many notable cultural and natural assets, including the lakefront, Jackson Park, the Museum of Science
and Industry, and the University of Chicago. She takes particular pride in developing new institutions through
partnerships between the community, business and government – such as preserving and refurbishing the South Shore
Cultural Center and culinary school, or creating the Gary Comer Youth Center and high school in Greater Grand
Crossing. International dignitaries visited both architecturally significant sites during the 2012 NATO meeting.
Hairston’s reputation for principled positions extends beyond her ward—which is known for its history of independent,
progressive politics. She was among the handful of aldermen who did not support the sale or lease of such city assets as
parking meters without proper notice, documentation or financial justification. She also voted against speed cameras, and
has forced examination of city contracts for fair inclusion of minority vendors. She fought ordinances that
disproportionately burdened lakefront condominiums with requirements for sprinkler systems and façade improvements.
In 2008, she accepted the challenge to live on $21 in food stamps for a week, leading her to sponsor city legislation
expanding use of the Link card to purchase fresh produce.
A strong litigator, Hairston previously served as assistant attorney general for the state of Illinois and staff attorney and
special prosecutor for the State’s Attorney’s Appellate Prosecutor’s Office, where she argued before the Illinois State
Supreme Court. An active member of the Illinois State Bar Association, she serves on its Real Estate Law section
Hairston is heavily involved in professional, legal and social service activities, such as the Illinois State Bar Association,
Friends of the Park, Kaleidoscope Inc., and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. She is proud of her work with youthbased
initiatives, which reflects her mother’s career as a CPS teacher and principal for 43 years. Hairston’s father was an
entrepreneur, who was one of the first black McDonald’s owners on the city’s South Side. He also owned the Avenue
Lounge in Woodlawn.

I have a BS in Marketing from DePaul University, a JD from IIT Chicago Kent College of Law, I was an
Illinois Women’s Institute for Leadership Delegate in 2010, a New Leadership Council graduate, went through
a two day ICIRR political training program, and also a two day training program with Democracy for America.

My degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from North Park University, here in Chicago. I have worked in the Hospitality and Tourism industry for almost 20 years, from waiting tables to a corporate executive, I have experience with managing people, budgeting, and providing service. This industry is particularly important to the Gold Coast Portion of the 2nd Ward.
I speak 5 Languages, and I am well-versed with the legal immigrant experience. In the western part of the 2 nd Ward, we have many tight-knit Ukrainian families that are first-generation immigrants like me.
Additionally, as the wife of a Union Chicago Police Officer, I am familiar with the challenges that our city faces with the upcoming pension payments and projected deficit.

In 1977, I became a Chicago Police Officer and retired from law enforcement in 2003 after 26 years of
dedicated service as a patrolman, investigator, sergeant and federal marshal. I was an Administrative Assistant
to two (2) Deputy Superintendents on the police department. The responsibities there included budgeting and
planning. After retiring from the police department, I went on to work as organizer for the Woodlawn's New
Communities Program. During my tenure as a community organizer, I participated in extensive community
planning activities designed to improve the quality of life and create solutions to problems that have plagued
neighborhoods, such as crime, ineffective schools, and lack of affordable housing, jobs, health, and economic
development. I directed and organized the same type of quality of life initiative in the Washington Park
community where I led the development of its New Communities Program, the Washington Park Consortium.
In addition to being an active resident of the community, I operated a family owned business in Woodlawn for
14 years.

• Bachelors in Education from Miami University
• Master in Public Affairs from Indiana University
• Organizational Development Certificate from DePaul University

Education (B.A.) University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago Public School Teacher, Certified as a Hazardous Material Responder/ Technician from the University of Illinois at Champaign’s Fire Academy, Manager for installation and upgrading of undergrounds storage tanks, and related Environmental Protection Agency Standards. All these experiences help me better understand the working environment of being Alderman by having experienced many different areas of Labor and
Public Service.

Stephen Niketopoulos IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I am a 2002 graduate of Loyola University, majoring in Cultural Anthropology. This gives a basic overview for cross cultural communications, but also how to organically engage communities. I have put this into practice with the above listed examples. While partnering with other neighborhood associations I coordinated some multi-neighborhood initiatives which involved CAPS, CPD, various
Ward offices and Chambers of Commerce.

I am a lifelong resident of our community and an 18 year Chicago Firefighter. My experience in the
community and as a firefighter has been very helpful in my years as Alderman.

I believe my Juris Doctor and B.A. in Criminal/Social Justice would greatly assist me in the office I am seeking.

I hold a bachelors, two masters and I am in the process of obtaining a PhD. The subjects I have studied with most dedication include economics, education and public policy. I believe all these subjects will be of invaluable help for a public official.

I have over 15 years of governmental affairs experience. I worked as the legislative liaison for Cook County for 10 years before starting my own lobbying firm. Most of my private lobbying efforts consist of working with community groups and non-profits. I have extensive knowledge of government and I’ve worked with elected officials at every level of government.

finance director

I was a math and economics major in college, yet the majority of my training that prepares me for the position
I seek, has been OTJ (on the job), training. As a volunteer organizer for many organizations and board member
for others, I have been provided the privilege to sit at the table with elders with unmeasurable experience, and I
have often been asked to lead.

I have a finance degree from DePaul University which will allow me to comprehensively understand budgets.
Currently, Alderman Burnett is a rubber stamp for anything and everything the Mayor wants. Also, I’ve personally been the largest and most active small business lender in Chicago each year for the past 4-years. This will allow me to be a tremendous asset for my community as it relates to job growth and economic

subjects studied include budget management, auditing, finance, accounting, management,
entrepreneurship, . . . .

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I have a BA in Political Science, and a Minor in Latina/Latino Studies from the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign. At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign I studied subjects that will help me
serve the residents of the 35th Ward, this includes courses on: bureaucracies, comparative politics,
American politics, political statistical analysis, environmental studies, gentrification, social movements,
and U.S. history. I believe these courses have provided me with a foundation to understand the issues faced
by my ward and our city. I am also an avid reader and regularly study topics that come before the city
council. As a congressional caseworker, I became well versed in best practices for constituent services,
education policy, and immigration policy. During my time with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and
Refugee Rights I was accredited by the Department of Justice to assist immigrants with certain
immigration applications.

My historic preservation background has already proven to be helpful in considering development issues throughout the ward. Urban planning in graduate school, and several economics courses in undergrad. More than anything it is the day to day experience I received while working in Alderman Fioretti's ward office, customer relations, problem solving and working with all the city departments and shadow an very busy alderman.

Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I have:
A combined Master Degrees in Public Administration and Business Adminstration from Illinois Instititute
of Technololgy. I have worked in both public and private sectors.

The Red Line Extension is a major issue in the 9
th Ward.. I have worked for the Regional Transportation
Authorty, the Chicago Transit Authority, and am a member of the Red Line Oversite Committee.
The Greater Roseland Area has many air, land and water pollution concerns. I am a member of both the
South East Environmental Task Force, and the Environmental Equities Matters (EEM) Committee of the
University of Illinois. The EEM has surveyed and identified areas of concern and has prioritized areas to
target for action.
Development is as concern in the 9th Ward. I am the Business Development Coordinator for the 95th
Street Panel of Development. I work with the 103rd , Greater Roseland Medical District, 115th Street, and
130th Street Panels of Development.
Crime is a Problem in the 9th Ward. I wrote and administered a Violence Prevention Program that touched
the lives of 150 children in the 9th Ward in 2011-2012.

Lawyer, Educator, Advocate, I received my Bachelor and Juris Doctor from the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign. I currently serve on the Bogan High School Local School Council as the
community representative. Prior to attending law school I taught fourth grade in the Mississippi Delta
Region. Collectively, my experience and training give me the background to best serve the 18th ward as

Through my business experience I’ve appeared before the City Council Zoning Committee and the
Cook County Board of Review and have dealt with many city departments and services in the day to
day operation of my business.

I am an attorney familiar with legislation, litigation, and parliamentary procedure. I am also a mother of three in the public school system and have worked with many aldermen in our community in the past to improve various aspects of our community.

As a reference librarian, I have invaluable research skills that will prove useful in City Council. I have also done community work throughout many of Chicago’s communities and understand the needs of the entire City as well as the needs of residents of my own 36th Ward.

See attached.

I have a degree in Political Science. Served as Alderman for 15 years.

Foundations for Social Justice, Principles and Processes in Community Development,
Leadership in Social Justice, Diversity and Equity, Grant Writing and Fundraising, Social Justice Field
Practicum Graduate Internship through the City of Chicago Aldermanic Office/Alderman John Arena.

Constituent Services, Small Business Owner, Public Safety

I am a Certified Public Accountant and practiced for almost twenty-five years and a graduate of the University of Illinois Chicago.
As an accountant, I have worked with small businesses and individuals in tax preparation and assisted with other financial affairs.

See above

As an experienced marketing consultant working with Fortune 100 companies worldwide, I possess the necessary collaborative and creative skills to bring people together and their ideas to life, from thoughts into action and success. With a successful professional track record of limiting costs and delivering financial success, I know how to make the tough fiscal decisions that our city needs to get us back on track.

Joseph J. Moseley II IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

Criminal Justice, Finance grant writing. I believe the mixture of all of my experiences will bring a new
collection of skill sets in the office of 7th ward Alderman

Growing up in an urban area undergoing change prepared me to understand the need for accountability,
transparency, public service, and responsiveness.

25 Years of Public Service, Alderman Helen Shiller’s assistant from 1989 to 1994
Congressman Bobby L. Rush, Director of Community Affairs 1994-1996
Alderman Helen Shiller, Chief of Staff 1996- 2011

Have a BA in History and a masters in architecture (MArch). My background in architecture is key in
understanding how planning is effective and needed in gaining real results. I understand how to form
coalitions, how to manage large undertakings, how to listen and to take feedback to make ideas better,
and how to talk to people in order to manage expectations and get buy-in. My experience in the civic
arena means I know many of the community leaders in the ward and my experience as a small business
owner means I understand the issues facing development in the ward

In 2007, I received a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University, Kennedy School of
Government. I studied on a full-tuition scholarship as a Presidential Scholar/Public Service Fellow and
received upon graduation the Littaeur Fellowship Award for Public Service, Academic Excellence, and
Potential for Leadership. I previously completed two full-time years Urban Planning and Policy at the
University of Illinois Chicago in the mid-1990s, with concentrations in housing and community development. I
have a BA in History/Political Science and Spanish from Greenville College. I am a graduate of Kelvyn Park
High School in the Hermosa community, part of which is in the 26th ward.
In the midst of my many public service experiences, I worked—both in professional and volunteer roles—in
organizing, advocacy, and political campaigns to engage and/or challenge aldermen and other elected officials
to include in their community planning and policy agendas the voice and perspectives of low- and moderateincome
community residents. In the greater Humboldt Park area, much of my leadership and organizing was
accomplished through various roles with the Near Northwest Neighborhood Network and its Humboldt Park
Empowerment Partnership organizing collaborative, which grew out of efforts to attract federal Empowerment
Zone funding to Humboldt Park in the mid-1990s. The city, regional, and statewide advocacy work that I did
through Latinos United also further developed my skills, networks, and familiarity with many of the processes
and players that I would likely engage as alderman.

Chevette A. Valentine IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

My family has been in politics over 50 years, I do not study politics, I focus on positive
leadership. The skills I bring to the table are merely as a community advocate and leadership from
previous employment.

I received an excellent liberal arts education at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, which has served me well
both in my previous career as an attorney and my current position of alderman. My 23 years as Alderman of
the 49th Ward, of course, is the experience which will be most helpful to me in seeking to retain that position.

I majored in Economics and Government at the University of Notre Dame, where I also studied Spanish and
spent a semester in Chile. I worked in finance before I moved to Chicago in 1999. In law school, I took many
classes on constitutional law as well as family law, law and poverty, and sex and gender equality. In my practice,
I have significant experience representing businesses, the LGBT community, and clients who are disabled
or living with mental illness. I have also studied leadership and running for elective office through the Leadership
Greater Chicago program and the Illinois Women’s Institute for Leadership (IWIL).
My experience working with a diverse range of people as a lawyer and a volunteer will give me a unique perspective
on the issues facing the ward and the city. As Alderman, I will bring my pragmatism and problemsolving
abilities to City Hall by listening to all sides of the issue before making an informed and independent
decision. I also have a background in financial and data analysis and can bring a discerning eye to budget issues.

As a lawyer, I have a full range of skills necessary to evaluate legislation and many other issues in the city
As a former corporate attorney, I am personally familiar with the issues underlying pension reform. I also have experience to evaluate City financial transactions to some extent, although I am not a financial analyst.

Have a BA in History and a masters in architecture (MArch). My background in architecture is key in
understanding how planning is effective and needed in gaining real results. I understand how to form
coalitions, how to manage large undertakings, how to listen and to take feedback to make ideas better,
and how to talk to people in order to manage expectations and get buy-in. My experience in the civic
arena means I know many of the community leaders in the ward and my experience as a small business
owner means I understand the issues facing development in the ward.