Do you support, in general concept, establishing a gambling casino in Chicago? Yes or No:


No Casino gambling is fine for entertainment and recreational purposes.
however, many of Chicago residents approach gaming opportunities as
a means of increasing their otherwise fixed incomes. Those persons are
highly susceptible to the advertisements and inducements which blatantly
encourage excessive and compulsive gambling. Families, and particularly children, must be insulated from the potential devastation that could result if a head of household was to fall victim to the lure of gaming facilities made so easily accessible. I would only support a Chicago casino beyond the security checkpoints at O'hare and Midway airports.

YES A casino will bring jobs, revenue and tourists to the city. The city would benefit from the casino and should be considered as a potential new source of revenue.

Yes So many Chicagoans already drive over the border to Indiana on a regular basis to visit the casinos, taking Chicago dollars outside of the city limits. Gaming isn’t just for Las Vegas and Atlantic City anymore. Municipalities all over the country allow gambling, including several just outside of Chicago. There’s no reason why we cannot benefit from the revenue such a facility would generate.
I am aware of the concerns regarding potential issues with crime and gambling addiction, but so long as we take a proactive approach to addressing those issues, we can reap the same benefits our next door neighbors do.

Depends on implementation
I continue to be concerned about the impact of gambling on low-income communities, but I would consider any proposal that could be fairly and effectively implemented.

The decision to place a casino in Chicago would have to be very carefully considered to ensure it has the needed positive impact on the City’s economy without negative social effects that are common at gambling establishments, and that it would provide a dedicated revenue stream to rebuild the city’s infrastructure.