Do you support the Municipal ID ordinance? Why or why not?

Civil Rights

No I oppose the City of Chicago imposing such a requirement on its people. It would represent a
significant encroachment on our rights, create a massive bureaucracy with additional costs and
duplicate the efforts of the state and federal government and City government would seem to
have no legal authority for such an initiative

Miguel del Valle IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

Yes I believe that the Municipal ID should be a Smart Card that can serve multiple purposes and be utilized voluntarily. This ordinance is useful for those in our community who are otherwise locked
out of access to both public and private amenities and services because they cannot obtain a state ID or a drivers’ license. A number of cities have such ID cards, including San Francisco and Oakland, the latter of which made possible an ID which can also be utilized as a debit card. This document can be utilized by anyone who can prove residency through other forms of identification or a letter from a social service agency

Fredrick K. White IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral


Carol Moseley Braun IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

No response provided

Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

Yes. I have been a long-time supporter, and too often a lone African-American voice, in support
of immigrant rights. I believe that all people, regardless of citizenship should have their rights and families protected. I support municipal IDs both to provide official recognition of all people living and working in this city, as well as remove barriers to access services, programs and financial
institutions for Chicago’s immigrants. As mayor, I would continue the city’s tradition as a sanctuary city and establish a New Americans Office similar to that at the state level to protect the rights and expand services and opportunities immigrants need to continue to positively and productively be part of this city

William "Dock" Walls IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

No I do not support further government intrusion in the live of law abiding citizens.