What will you do to provide affordable housing for low-income individuals and families who are not served by any existing programs?

Housing & Affordability
Carol Moseley Braun IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

Creating more openness and awareness of current programs are an important step in addressing those currently not receiving aid.

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Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

I believe that all people have the right to housing. To serve those who fall in the gaps of existing program, I would work to increase The City Trust Fund needs to subsidize housing for this population. I believe there are ways to assist families more effectively and efficiently by helping write-down rents through housing assistance – not just new housing. This is important because it provides a bridge for families that can almost afford their rents as make sure landlords can keep operating their housing and prevent disinvestment and blight.

Miguel del Valle IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

As mayor, I will work to ensure continued progress in minimizing homelessness by building on Chicago’s Plan to End Homelessness and other efforts. I will proactively seek to ensure that Chicago takes advantage of the new Federal Plan to End Homelessness’ commitment to doing a much better job of taking care of our Veterans by making available new dollars to combat Veteran
homelessness. Clearly, key to implementing the plan is to identify resources from the pubic and private sectors to create more permanent affordable housing.

William "Dock" Walls IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

We will expand the City of Chicago homelessness prevention program to include all individuals whose housing needs are not otherwise served.

Fredrick K. White IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

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