As concisely as possible, state why you feel you should be endorsed over the other candidate(s). What goals for the office you seek are most important to you personally?

Fredrick K. White IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

I am not a machine puppet, never been voted out of office or let go of my position. Create JOBS, JOBS, JOBS

William "Dock" Walls IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

I have the best Education and Safety Platforms. I am the only candidate for Mayor with the vision, desire and specific plan to make Chicago forever economically viable. What goals for the office you seek are most important to you personally? Make Chicago the World's Center for Nanotechnology Development and Nanofabrication; A Plan for Full Employment; Comprehensive Tax Reform;

Miguel del Valle IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

For more than three decades I have served as an independent voice, a coalition-builder across race and class, and a dedicated public servant. I have fought for open and transparent government, stronger consumer protections, and for reform and better funding for education, healthcare, and social service programs. As City Clerk I have brought unprecedented transparency to the City Council through modernizing the Clerk’s website, including videos of City Council meetings, creating tools to track legislation/voting records, and making legislation and
Executive Orders available online. Chicago deserves a mayor with a strong record of bringing real reform and progress. Chicagoans want change, and I have the record. I will build on my record of reform and offer common sense solutions to put Chicagoans back to work and grow our economy. Our city needs more teachers in the classrooms and more police protecting our streets.

Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

I believe I should be endorsed because it is time for a change in government. I am not a politician, yet I have worked to solve some of the City's most complex policy issues in the city’s hardest-to-develop communities and empowered leaders and engaged residents to make significant change at the neighborhood on the city and state levels. I have a strong track record of building coalitions to pass policy and improve the lives of residents across the city. I believe Chicagoans are looking for a new kind of leader. After decades of communties feeling they are locked out of City Hall, and consistent disappointment in elected officials, it is time for a truly independent person who is not a politician to win back the confidence of the people and use innovative thinking and broad engagement to move this city forward. I believe I have broad appeal as a true Chicagoan—raised in Cabrini Green with deep relationships on the south side and throughout the city—as an independent non-politician, as a woman, and as a progressive to inspire people across this city to vote for me. I have inspired people of all backgrounds to work with me in all my social justice initiatives throughout the state. I am the only one who can bring the City together in a real tangible way to open the doors of City Hall to its greatest asset - its people.My priorities as Mayor will be similar to my priorities throughout my career: creating jobs, improving schools, reducing violence and ensuring fiscal responsibility and fairness in government.

I have been consistently and intimately involved in the economic, social and political development and growth of Chicago at both the grass-roots level and as an elected official for more than three decades. During that time I have consistently advocated for, voted for, organized for, spoke out for and otherwise supported a progressive agenda. That agenda has emphasized making Chicago work for all its people and all its neighborhoods. That agenda has always demanded the fullest participation of all Chicagoans in the development and implementation of public policy. That agenda has always been based on fairness, justice and maximizing opportunity for all Chicagoans. It is my hope that a Davis administration would eliminate disparities in services and opportunities, would secure the economic well-being of its residents and would provide quality education for all its children, quality, accessible health care, security from violence and crime and quality, affordable housing for all its families.

Carol Moseley Braun IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

My plan for public safety, public education, economic development and open government is most closely aligned with the aspirations of the people of Chicago. I am a 3rd generation Chicagoan, I know how important the neighborhoods are to the character of the city, and I am committed to making city
government responsive and accountable to them. I believe city government should be more open and accessible. I personally want to make all of Chicago as beautiful and vibrant as the downtown and lakefront.