What candidates have you supported in past elections? Please be specific in describing your role in each campaign.

Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

Barack Obama for U.S. Senate and U.S. President, Tom Dart For Sheriff, Pat Quinn for Governer of Illinois

Over the years I have supported dozens of candidates who I felt shared my views and commitment on the issues of the day. I was active in supporting Harold Washington for Mayor. I was co-chair of the Clinton-Gore Illinois campaign and the Carol Moseley-Braun campaign. I was co-chair of the Obama for Senate campaign and a Congressional liaison for Obama for President. In the most recent elections I was a strong supporter of Quinn/Simon ticket. It is a matter of principle for me, and a matter that I take great pride that I have always chosen candidates to support based their views and record, and the best interests of the people.

Carol Moseley Braun IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

In addition to my own candidacies, I have supported progressive candidates at every level of government in elections going back to the 1970’s. I have served primarily as a volunteer.

Miguel del Valle IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

Starting shortly before and throughout my political career spanning more than two decades, I have played a variety of roles
for a great number of candidates throughout the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois. I have served as a surrogate and campaign advisor and done precinct work and fundraising for a range of candidates. These include, but are not limited to: President Barack Obama for US Senate and for President (The variety of ways that I supported Mr. Obama in his runs for office including delivering a speech at the Democratic National Convention at which he accepted the Democratic nomination for president.) Mayor Harold Washington, State Senator Iris Martinez, State Senator William Delgado, State Representative Cynthia Soto, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner Debra Shore, Cook County Commissioner Jesus Garcia for State Senate and Commissioner, Cook County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Alderman Rey Colon, Alderman Billy Ocasio, Alderman Joe Moore, Alderman Howard Brookings, Alderman Emma Mitts, Treasurer Stephanie Neeley, Judge David Delgado,
Judge Ramon Ocasio, David Hoffman for US Senate

William "Dock" Walls IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

Main Surrogate for Presidential Candidate John Kerry; Co-Campaign Manager Joyce Washington for Lieutenant Governor

Fredrick K. White IVI-IPO 2011 Chicago Mayoral

Listed on Web Site: Scott Lee Cohan, Forest Claypool, Issac Hayes