What will you do to guarantee that some of the foreclosed properties saved through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program are made affordable to families at 40% and 60% of AMI?

Housing & Affordability

I look forward to discussing these questions in detail with the organization when I appear at your endorsement session.

The federally funded Neighborhood Stabilization Program had been used to assist community areas affected by foreclosure. A household with good credit at 50% AMI should be able to purchase one of the homes in an NSP community. Likewise, a portion of rental units should be affordable to households at 50% AMI.

As mayor, I will have a strong housing team who will bring together community organizations, housing counseling agencies and other stakeholders to focus on many issues, including seeing that at least 25% of available NSP funded homes are available to households at or below 50% AMI.

I am a strong advocate of housing counseling. Whether a household is in the market to purchase a home, or if homeownership is possibly at some point in the future, there is tremendous value of having an informed, financially literate consumer, not only for themselves, but for the entire community. The best way to ensure we avoid another financial crisis, it to empower our residents with knowledge on housing options and resources.

Pride of ownership, or aspiring to ownership, is a good step towards safe streets and