How will you involve city residents in planning?

Neighborhood Development

In the current administration, the concerns of city residents have typically been ignored through a variety of strategies – from scheduling public hearings with very short notice or scheduling meetings at times inconvenient for residents to rally in with their concerns, to simply ignoring the concerns of residents. This indifference to the concerns of the people of our neighborhoods and a wider refusal to seek out and incorporate the sentiments of Chicago’s residents must end. As Mayor, I will retool the fundamental culture of our planning process and ensure that public hearings are structured to engage and involve residents and incorporate their concerns within the planning process, with the goal of creating a process that is transparent, accountable and democratic.

As I currently do, I will continue to do community meetings regarding proposed development. Additionally, I regularly host a ward night in the 2nd for resident to bring their concerns regarding planning and other issues. I would like to see ward nights in every ward in order to further involve residents in planning.