What will you do to ensure privatization contracts deliver the maximum return and best service for city residents in the long term?

City Services

First, I would distinguish between the production and provision of public goods and services.

There are some instances when it may make sense for the government to partner with private interests in the production of public infrastructure. For example, when contracting work for large infrastructure projects such as road improvements, sewer installations etc. Under these conditions, these contracts must be written and services provided with clearly stated deliverables to ensure efficiency, quality, and cost effectiveness. Alternative designs must be assessed to ensure the least negative impacts on surrounding communities. The designs should include mechanisms to mitigate any potential negative impacts. In these cases, the government is not relinquishing control of its assets, but rather is partnering with private firms with the capacity to produce the goods.

On the other hand, generally speaking, turning over the provision of social goods and services to private interests is not in the best interests of the public. If the private entity can obtain revenue from providing the service, then so should the city be able to improve its capacity to provide that service itself and in doing so, either pay for itself, or generate additional revenue that can be used to invest in improving the quality of the asset or service. The city should never again, give up control of its assets, especially when there are long term financial and access implications. No lease or contract should be made that deprives the city of long term control of its assets, as exemplified with its streets or parking meters. Contracts will be limited to twenty years.

The city's primary responsibility is to ensure that the public has access to its services and assets. Any contracts will ensure city control and specify regulations for the delivery of services and
equitable access to assets so as to ensure that the public receives the benefits of these pubic goods and services.

We should be conducting regular assessment of privatization contracts to ensure we are receiving the best services for the city. If not, those contracts should be re-negotiated and or those functions should go back to the city.