What will you do to address the criticism that city staffing is top-heavy in upper-level management?


I will institute a review of every department and agency under the purview of the office of the mayor and the city council – including City Colleges of Chicago, the Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Transit Authority, the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Police Department -- to assess the level of management to front-line personnel. These staffing disparities will then be resolved through negotiations with our collective bargaining units and best practices within these arenas. Where the number of management positions is excessive – and they are within many agencies of city governance – I will move to reclass, and where necessary eliminate, unnecessary managerial and administrative positions.

Since being in the City Council, I have supported streamlining our city government. I support reevaluating the number of members of the City Council. Among its other advantages, that rids City Hall of jobs held through patronage that don’t contribute to the services we provide our citizens. I support an audit an evaluation of current positions within City government to determine how we may further streamline staff.