As concisely as possible, state why you feel you should be endorsed over the other candidate(s). What goals for the office you seek are most important to you personally?


My main focus will be reducing gang and gun violence. I will strengthen our local public schools and make them the center of neighborhood life and activity. We will work equally hard to create new jobs and opportunities for our fellow Chicagoans who want to work. Finally, my administration will back fair and equitable pension reform and reduce the city’s massive deficit. This is the kind of leadership the people of Chicago deserve.

I have been on the front lines in the battles progressives have been fighting in this for many years. I marched on the picket line with striking teachers. I fought for a $15 an hour wage both in City Council and in pickets on the street over the past couple of years. I have tried to move progressive legislation in the City Council. All of these are things that I am doing right now, and not decades ago.

My goal for a Fioretti Administration are safe streets and strong neighborhoods. I have talked over the past few years about how Chicago is two cities. The policies I want to move will create one Chicago.