What subjects have you studied and what experience have you had which will be most helpful to you in the office you seek?


I majored in Economics and Government at the University of Notre Dame, where I also studied Spanish and spent a semester in Chile. I worked in finance before I moved to Chicago in 1999. In law school, I took many classes on constitutional law as well as family law, law and poverty, and sex and gender equality. In my practice, I have significant experience representing businesses, the LGBT community, and clients who are disabled or living with mental illness. I have also studied leadership and running for elective office through the Leadership Greater Chicago program and the Illinois Women’s Institute for Leadership (IWIL). My experience working with a diverse range of people as a lawyer and a volunteer will give me a unique perspective on the issues facing the ward and the city. As Alderman, I will bring my pragmatism and problem solving abilities to City Hall by listening to all sides of the issue before making an informed and independent decision. I also have a background in financial and data analysis and can bring a discerning eye to budget issues.