How would you modify (if at all) the benefit and contribution levels and eligibility requirements for public employee pensions?

Gerald Scott McCarthy IVI-IPO 2017 Chicago City Council

1) Raise the retirement age. 2) Eliminate the calculation based on previous salaries earned and implement a weighted average. 3) Modify cost of living adjustments. 4) Modify the double dipping and again base it on a weighted average. 5) NO MORE FURLOUGHS 6) Institute an aggressive plan to raise revenues and deal with the current pension situation.

Marcellus H. Moore, Jr. IVI-IPO 2017 Chicago City Council

Any modification to the benefit/contribution levels and/or eligibility requirements should be made only after a thorough assessment of the pension program. I do not have sufficient information to propose specific modifications at this time.

We need to have a conversation with labor about what is workable for our working people and retirees. They system needs to be solvent but we can’t break our promises when it is convenient.