What services need improvement in your ward? How will you achieve this Please describe your service office staffing plan, including the number of staff, full and part time, how you will pay for them, and the number of hours per week that your service office will be open?

Gerald Scott McCarthy IVI-IPO 2017 Chicago City Council

We need to address the quality of life issues and a provide a quicker response time to requests for basic City services. See the answer to Question 108. Initially, the service office will be open from 9:00am to 5:00pm and one Saturday per month. After a period, I will evaluate the hours and service delivery, and change our hours of operation based on the needs of the constituents.

We are working to be as responsive and transparent as possible with all of the change in our ward. We are focused on equitable development.

Marcellus H. Moore, Jr. IVI-IPO 2017 Chicago City Council

I do not have any specific services that I would immediately point to for needed improvement, but one of my primary focus’ would be to listen to the constituents in the ward to understand from them, what, if any services need improvement. I would then work with the appropriate city departments to provide the necessary service.