What other environmental initiatives, if any, do you propose?

Gerald Scott McCarthy IVI-IPO 2017 Chicago City Council

a) Make it easier to “be green’ and energy efficient. More and expansive recycling places throughout the city is a step in that direction b) Develop a “gray water” ordinance c) Create incentives to encourage the use of solar power d) Market existing energy efficient programs to the public

Marcellus H. Moore, Jr. IVI-IPO 2017 Chicago City Council

Continue to support the green roofs initiatives. Continue to build the bike friendly infrastructure. Expand public transportation. Continue to support local food producers to have the ability to supply areas stores including Whole Foods in Englewood, Hyde Park and Mariano’s Bronzeville. At a higher level, Chicago can encourage Illinois to impose Renewable Portfolio Standards whereby there is a mandate that a certain percentage of electricity consumption or generation come from renewable sources. While this is largely at a state level, it can be done on a more localized level. Much more due diligence must be done to determine if Chicago/Illinois is situated to take advantage of these types of alternatives.

We need to look at ways to make our communities reduce less energy.