What is your assessment of Renaissance 2010 and its implementation in your ward as well as the City as a whole? Please include in your assessment the role of charter schools as well as the power to reconstitute schools.

Gerald Scott McCarthy IVI-IPO 2017 Chicago City Council

Considering the recent moratorium on charter schools there is obviously more work to be done in providing the best education for all children regardless of the geographical area in which they live.

Marcellus H. Moore, Jr. IVI-IPO 2017 Chicago City Council

My concern with Renaissance 2010 is that there does not appear to be evidence that the program has resulted in higher performing students. I was unable to find sufficient information to answer this question more thoroughly. My primary support is to the Chicago Public School system. Having had three (3) children who are either currently in CPS schools or been products of CPS schools, and sitting on two (2) CPS Local School Councils, I am an advocate of the system and believe Chicago has the capacity to have an outstanding school system. However, the resources must be provided to CPS to accomplish its goals. I am challenged to support further charter school development where it is at the expense of the CPS system.
I do not agree with the power to reconstitute schools. I believe a process of replacing a school’s entire staff is too disruptive for the student body and the community. Further, for the continuity of education for the students, some stability is necessary.

I believe that we need to fully assess the program and how it worked for our children in every neighborhood.