Latinos are severely underserved in Chicago Housing Authority programs, particularly the Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs. What would you do to ensure that the Chicago Housing Authority is affirmatively serving Latino households?

Housing & Affordability

We will continue to fund and support Latino outreach initiatives like Buen HOGAR, a partnership between the CHA and Erie Neighborhood House to provide Spanish language assistance to CHA residents. Whenever possible, CHA will work with partners like the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation to manage scattered sites and other housing types to ensure that Latino residents receive better services that meet their needs.

The bottom line is that every Chicagoan has a right to affordable, quality housing. My vision of One Chicago that works for everyone means that Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs would be accessible to every citizen that needs such a program and meets the income guidelines for eligibility. I will fight for all families to have equal access to all city resources.

There are several reforms that I would make as Mayor to improve services of the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) for all Chicagoans, which would address some of the specific needs of the Latino community. For example, as Mayor I would make more housing resources available to families at the greatest risk. I would put to use current unused funding and resources from the CHA including unleased and unoccupied public housing units, and unissued vouchers to immediately help thousands of cost-burdened and at-risk low-income families across the city. In addition, I would make good use of the estimated $58 million sitting in the city’s Affordable Requirements Ordinance fund to create more affordable housing options for low-income families. As Mayor, I would increase participation of Latinos in CHA to an equitable rate, by implementing an intentional, culturally appropriate, and language-appropriate outreach plan. This would include opening additional Latino-friendly satellite offices in community areas, and areas where there is a large percentage of Latino households currently or there has been significant growth of the Latino population.

As Mayor, I will make a Commitment to the establishment of Diversity, fight to ensure Inclusion and develop Mixed Income Communities. We will make certain Chicago has a diverse and stable housing stock affordable at all levels throughout the City; This includes Section 8, Vouchers, low-income housing, affordable housing and public housing.

I believe we should ensure that there is transparency in CHA programs and provide oversight to the agency. The dollars used to operate the city agencies and provide services are the taxpayers’ dollars and should be used appropriately and be respective of the diverse communities. Ensuring that fair housing is available to all citizens is important.