What subjects have you studied and what experience have you had which will be most helpful to you in the office you seek?

Gerald Scott McCarthy IVI-IPO 2017 Chicago City Council

As an Attorney at Law, small business owner, Certified Public Accountant, former political campaign chairman and political committee treasurer, past university professor and life-long learner, I possess the political savvy, business acumen, academic zeal and passion for advocacy that will be helpful to me in this position.

Marcellus H. Moore, Jr. IVI-IPO 2017 Chicago City Council

Both my MBA (J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management) and JD (Northwestern’s Pritzker School of Law) will help me in serving this office. My MBA, and the classes therein, will help me with the business and leadership skills necessary for this ofifce. My JD, and the classes therein, will help me understand the statutes, ordinances and other legal requirements that someone holding the office of Alderman must understand. After graduation, I spent almost a decade long career in commercial real estate for International companies Jones Lang LaSalle and Grubb & Ellis. This experience allowed me to negotiate with municipalities throughout the United States and even into Canada…including with an Indian Reservation in Truro, Nova Scotia. I worked on behalf of corporations including Convergys Corporation, T-Mobile and Bank of America, among others. I interacted with city/villlage officials and zoning entities for the needs of corporate tenants and negotiated lease and purchase agreements. I have worked with both retail and office clientele. I have spent the last eight (8) + years owning and managing my own law office. Over that time I have managed a variety of employees including other attorneys, interns, clerks and administrative staff. My practice has included both transactional experience and in court, trial/litigation. This experience has also provided me the opportunity to be deeply engaged in a variety of legal matters. Most currently, my experience as a court appointed Child Rep/Guardian ad Litem (GAL), has allowed me to serve my clients and assist the court in determining what is in “the best interest” of my Minor Child clients. This experience has been fundamentally critical in preparing me for the role as alderman as I am often placed in situations where I have to make objective assessments of situations, then make difficult decisions regarding the placement, parenting time and other decisions regarding the best interest of Minor Children. I have developed very collaborative relationships with many of my peers and have established very good repoire and reputation with judges in the Domestic Relations divisions where I am regularly appointed.

I have worked in education and done community work for nearly 30 years. I have insight into the needs of my community and how to build coalitions to get things accomplished.