Please tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.


I'm very close to my two brothers and manage to talk to them nearly every day. Like most brothers, we used to fight while growing up – and sometimes still do. Maybe it's because our parents hung photos in our home of family members who died in the Holocaust, but we've always valued family above all. We each had different interests – Zeke's was medicine, Ari's was show business and mine was politics and public policy. And we each ended up in a different part of the country. But our families get together each Thanksgiving on a rotating basis -- in Washington, D.C., in Los Angeles and here in Chicago. This Thanksgiving, we learned that all our kids are planning a ski vacation this winter – without their parents! It made me happy to know they value family ties, too.

I ran 3 Chicago marathons in 5 years.

I will introduce two term limits for

I do not like Chicago politics. I am a third time candidate in the race for Chicago mayor because I have a holistic vision for the development of this city which is second to none. I am a candidate once again, because There are still two Chicagos. There is a World class Chicago and an Under class Chicago. The World class Chicago is Beautiful, Safe, Tourist Friendly, Robust, Full of Resources and unlimited Opportunities for the privileged few. It's a playground for Rahm Emanuel and the other "One Percenters," who have money, riches, connections and clout. That's the Chicago the Mayor and the Media love to brag about and showcase in the magazines. And then there is that Under class Chicago. The Chicago the Mayor and the Media would rather ignore. They lie and they whisper when they talk about it. Decaying Neighborhoods, Unsafe streets, Drivers dodging Potholes and school children dodging Bullets, Inferior City Services, Abusive - Trigger Happy - Police, No jobs, No schools, No Parks, No Economic Development, Neighborhoods without neighborhood Stores, Food Deserts, Slumlords, Dilapidated Housing, Flooded basements, Gas and Electricity shutoffs, Boarded up Buildings, Vacant Lots. Average people; the mothers, the fathers, the sisters and brothers being forced out of this city by the heartless, selfish policies of greedy politicians who have stolen the city's money and are now stealing the peoples hopes and dreams. It's time to serve notice...We're down but not out. We have to empower the people who are plagued by over aggressive law enforcement, Trapped by the Mayor Red Light cameras, Speed Zone cameras, Ridiculously Priced Parking Meters, The Denver Boot. We have to get rid of these sneaky gadgets which systematically rob the people who can least afford it. We have to get rid of a Mayor who doesn't care how these things hurt average people. Long suffering people who fight so desperately to remain in this city.

I enjoy traveling the world to see cities of historic importance and learn about their culture and planning and take ideas back home. I also enjoy reading books about Chicago history.