What is your highest priority for improving the city? What is the greatest concern you hear from residents?


My highest priority is the education of every child – no matter their background, their neighborhood, or their individual challenges. Parents across the city commonly raise this as their highest concern as well. We agree that every action we take must be about making Chicago stronger for future generations, and ensuring every kid is given the same shot at that better future. From lengthening the school day and school year, to providing universal full-day kindergarten, to overhauling our community colleges, we are setting our children on a path for success. We are seeing soaring graduation and on-track rates at CPS, and we've not only made it so that students who get a B grade point average can attend a City College for free, we're revamping the community colleges so that that degree means something. I also hear about the prevalence of illegal guns. Despite this progress we've made in bringing murders, arrests and overall crime to record lows, we continue to have a gun problem – driven in large part by the ease with which someone can go to the suburbs, Indiana or Wisconsin to easily purchase a weapon or get it through a straw purchaser. Until we have better state and federal laws to keep these guns out of our communities in the first place, we'll continue to face challenges. We should begin by passing the Chicago gun store ordinance on the state level. This would require all gun dealers in Illinois – which account for 40% of the guns recovered in Chicago crime scenes, to implement best-practice policies such as training, security plans, inventory audits, tracking merchandise recovered in crimes, employee background checks, and videotaping the point of sale.

My main focus will be reducing gang and gun violence through improved police-community relations and by putting additional appropriately trained police on the street. I will strengthen our local public schools and make them the center of neighborhood life and activity. We will work equally hard to create new jobs and opportunities for our fellow Chicagoans who want to work. Finally, my administration will back fair and equitable pension reform and reduce the city's massive deficit. This is the kind of leadership the people of Chicago deserve.

My highest priority will be jobs creation accomplished by shifting our focus from Beautification to Economic Development. Building planters down the middle of the street creates temporary construction jobs. That same money spent to develop a local business creates direct and ancillary permanent jobs. My administration will spend more on Education, Rehabilitation and Skill Development and less on Incarceration.

The greatest concerns I hear from residents throughout Chicago is how we create safer streets and stronger neighborhoods. Safe streets and strong neighborhoods should be the highest priority of any mayoral candidate.

More jobs, lower taxes, not enough job and taxes are high........