Should the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art be built at the proposed location on Chicago's lakefront? Please explain.

Neighborhood Development

I strongly support the addition of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art to Chicago's Museum Campus and the site chosen by a task force of community and museum leaders. The strength of Chicago's bid relied on the support of a diverse set of constituencies and a location that would link the museum to our other cultural and educational institutions. By turning a parking lot on the lakefront into a new park and museum, we can continue to expand open space, be home to an internationally-unique learning environment, and create thousands of local jobs.

I loved the Star Wars movies, but building a museum to Darth Vader on our lakefront is a terrible mistake. I strongly oppose the $400 million vanity project, which Mayor Emanuel is building for his backers from Hollywood. The lakefront is one of the most beautiful and unique things about our city. As a runner, I treasure its expanse. We must preserve this space for our children and grandchildren, as those who came before us well understood. The lakefront should be forever open, clear and free. There are nearby areas in need of the economic boost that the museum can provide, and these can and should be considered as alternatives.

No. While I support a Lucas Museum in Chicago, the lakefront site is inappropriate. The people of our city were not consulted about the location of the museum, and the choice further diminishes the idea that our lakefront remain precious.

Before approval is given for the development of the proposed Lucas Museum, the nature and structure of the corporation should be fully examined to make certain it meets the established standard for entities granted museum space in Chicago. The Board of Directors should include a number of persons who will put the interests of the people of the city of Chicago first. The owners should provide a detailed Impact study. There must be a Community Benefits agreement which insures inclusion and long term opportunity for Chicagoans from all walks of life. The number of short term jobs and long term jobs must be clearly defined. We must have real estimates ot the resulting increase in tourism. We would also like to know how this museum will increase Chicago's International prestige. This museum should be linked to a development project on the south side of the city, so that we may begin to expand Chicago's tourism footprint south of 57th Street.

As a new candidate I have to access the problem and make a decision after reviewing the issue.