How will you work with community groups and residents on City matters?


I will work openly with community groups and residents on City matters. I will invite input from
all concerned before I make a decision. I will also offer open and even-handed processes rather
than back-room deals with developers and/or preferential treatment to certain constituents.

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As alderman I plan to work with community groups on every issue in the ward in as many ways
as possible including planning, setting priorities, providing accurate and useful information, and
finally implementation.

I have a robust community engagement process in my ward and a very actively engaged constituency. I regularly consult with community groups and concerned constituents when I make decisions. I regularly contact over 12,000 people via my newsletter distribution list.

I would form a better partnership with residents for soliciting advice in ward decisions.
Through town halls, public forums and even new tools like web conferences, virtual
meetings, and conference calls, useful feedback can be attained. I feel that the internet, as
a communication tool, is far to underused in the City of Chicago. I feel that fully using the
web in relaying a consistent and clear message would be a great addition to CAPS and
other community groups towards having a constructive dialogue.

I have an open door policy when it comes to meeting with community groups and residents. On Monday nights, I meet with whoever comes by to visit our Office.
I have a track record of working with community groups to drive and pass meaningful legislation.
My 2011 campaign was actively supported by UNITE HERE Local 1 and, after I was elected to office, I lobbied on behalf of their members in support of a living wage for their employees. In September 2014, I was proud to see an executive order come forth to immediately increase the minimum wage for all City service, construction and concession contract employees. This action helped deliver on an agreement I had with UNITE HERE to advocate for them in the City Council.
The Dangerous & Vacant Buildings Ordinance was created with the help of fire officials in the wake of several tragic incidents during which firefighters were killed while working in dangerous truss construction buildings. The firefighters had no information about the fact that these buildings were prone to collapse. Now these buildings are designated in the databases used by firefighters and and police and these first responders are notified in advance of arriving at a location.

I will ensure effective
communication and transparency by involving all the various ward stakeholders to achieve
consensus decisions about major matters that impact the community

I will continue holding
regular meetings and special forums to ensure stakeholders have opportunities to give
input and receive substantive information. I do not propose or approve any major
development without public hearings, from which I ascertain the desired direction. I see
myself as the representative of the ward’s diverse constituents, rather than the “head
honcho” who issues orders at my sole discretion. I have a very independent, educated and civically active ward. I must frequently negotiate between strong community groups
with differing perspectives, but consider that a necessary part of democratically achieved

I will hold public meetings on all major zoning changes and Department of Planning initiatives that
impact our community.

Aldermen are accountable to the residents of their ward. I will proactively seek to involve
residents in decisionmaking, and in particular use community groups and neighborhood
associations as a way of communicating with the residents of the 1st Ward.

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As Alderman I will put into practice an ideology of service above self by allowing for
greater participation from residents and community groups on City matters. I plan to use
the Web in conjunction with a solid precinct organization to poll residents and community
groups on matters currently being discussed and debated in City Council. Also, on
ordinances that are more controversial I will host town hall meetings to allow residents to
express their thoughts, concerns, and ideas on what my vote should be as THEIR

I will reestablish the role of precinct captains along with a 21st ward advisory council to get news
out and to always have someone accessible to my constituents.

All citizens should have a voice in city policy. I will continue to ensure that the residents of the
20th Ward voices are heard.

I will have weekly and
monthly meetings to meet with residents, community leaders, educators, so we can work together
to develop strategies that will allow us to make change happens in a postive way.

Stephen Niketopoulos IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

This would be my strength, I would start by listening and being part of the discussions. Step one is showing up myself to local meetings, being accessible and aware of the concerns. I would have open voting on ward projects and regular meetings with neighborhood presidents. I would want to make sure everyone felt like they were part of a team, and collectively work together. I find that when faced with a problem, often people want to be part of the solution.

I will have open communication with them to ensure that they have input in all matters pertaining to the 24th ward and the city.

I will continue to use community meetings to host discussions with our residents. In addition, I host a “State of the Ward” every year to address specific concerns and statistics that are brought to my attention. I will also work with the 30th Ward Advisory Council that is made up of community leaders. I will sponsor quarterly meetings with this council to obtain and share their feedback. Once a week I host a Ward night out of our office, where residents are able to come with no appointment necessary to speak with me and my staff regarding any concerns they may have. I will also continue our town hall meetings in different areas of the ward to make it accessible for residents who may not be able to make it out to our ward nights.

Engaged the relevant groups as needed. I’m always interested in feedback.

I will host monthly community meetings to inform residents of upcoming ward projects and City
Council legislation. Residents will receive a monthly flyer (paid for with my own salary) informing
them of upcoming City Council votes, ward projects, and community meetings. I will meet with
community groups and community leaders to discuss issues that are affecting our community and
work with them to find solutions to community problems.

Susan Sadlowski Garza IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

candidate's responce

Identify. We must pinpoint all community block clubs, community organizations, individual issue
experts and local journalist bloggers and reporters.
Organize. Where no block clubs community organizations or issue experts exist, we lead the
organizing effort realizing that often a push, a pull, or a guidance is all that is necessary. Once
we have assisted in organizing, we establish clear lines of communication, improving the
Neighborhood Network.
Educate. Once identified, organized and clear lines of communication are established,
information is exchanged. Information is received and given in a simple, well-organized process
then shared with the masses by door-to-door outreach, flyers, emails, robo-calls, town halls, and
Mobilize. Information properly dispersed to organized groups fuels action! We believe that most
of our community members would be activists for issues important to them if time permitted, if
their job permitted, if their money permitted, and if someone organized and simplified the process,
and THAT is what we will do!!! MAKE COMMUNITY ACTIVISM EASY !
 Organized buses to City Hall
 Simplified legislation bullet points
 Organized call campaigns
 Organized petition campaigns; and most important,
 A get out and VOTE to create POWER campaign!

In addition to having an open accessible office where I am available 6 days a week I host community meetings on many issues ranging from development to tax appeals. I have always welcomed and relied upon input of community groups and residents on all city matters.

Community groups in our neighborhood are a critical backbone of our community and I will regularly visit community meetings to listen but also apprise those groups of the city wide issues that the city faces.

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Carlos Ramirez-Rosa IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I am a strong supporter of democracy and believe in servant leadership. I believe a leader must listen first and
foremost. As Alderman, I will empower my constituents to make the important decisions affecting
their neighborhoods, and I will make myself widely available to meet with constituents and
community organizations. I aspire to work closely alongside my ward’s community organizations –
block clubs, neighborhood associations and congregations. And I will not just knock doors during
election season, but will canvass my neighborhood yearlong.

I will conduct multiple community outreach events where we can collaborate and inform the
community of all the accessible resources in both the city and the ward. I will also have open
community meetings and allow the ward to discuss their concerns regarding City matters. If
needed and if the community is willing I will create volunteer subcommittees and committees that
will voice the concerns of the ward.

We will continue to forge alliances with different organizations like we have done to this point

community groups and the ward residents are the core of the ward
. I will work as a resource to bring information to the ward
. I will meet with the groups individually and then collectively .....

Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I will have Aldermanic Community Councils on specific topics that will be open to participation
from individuals throughout the ward..

By having regular community meetings and by attending existing community group
meetings. As well as instituting participatory budgeting and a Zoning Board.

By creating
opportunities for participatory hearings. Also, by creating a board of residents inclusive of clergy,
law enforcement, business people, community leaders and professionals.

I have a long track record of bringing together all stakeholders in my ward to address issues of
common concern. The key to building enduring relationships is honesty and integrity—making
your stance clear and keeping your word. That’s what I’ve done since I was first elected, and it’s
one of the things I most enjoy about the job: building trust with my constituents and working with
them to move the 9th Ward forward.

Joseph J. Moseley II IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council


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Community groups and residents will be the essence of my being Alderman. I will keep in constant contact and provide a bridge where the groups can work together to better the Ward. I would have a committee of community group leaders that will serve to inform the community of Ward matters and solicit feedback and solutions to problems experienced throughout the ward.

See #39 and also I would have regular community-wide town hall meetings and issue annual state of the ward
addresses. In addition, I will provide residents the opportunity to comment on an aldermanic
report card that would be issued every year. Just for starters! 

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As alderman I plan to work with community groups on every issue in the ward in as many ways
as possible including planning, setting priorities, providing accurate and useful information, and
finally implementation.

Chevette A. Valentine IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

Public Forums, Debates, Seminars and Open House Meetings monthly!

I solicit the opinions of my constituents on every important matter that comes before me. When I
was elected alderman in 1991, I formed the 49th Ward Zoning and Land Use Advisory Committee
to advise me on all zoning and land use issues that come before me. The Committee consists of
representatives from the major community organizations, business owners and ordinary
residents. In addition, I host community meetings on all zoning and liquor license issues, soliciting
the opinions of community residents before I make any final decisions.
A few years ago, I decided to take community involvement one step further and launched the 49th
Ward Participatory Budgeting Initiative, in which ward residents not only voice their concerns but
have real power to make real decisions on how their tax dollars will be spent.

I have already established an open weekly forum for residents to come together informally and discuss neighborhood and city issues. This practice will continue through my election. I will also establish specific neighborhood forums for various city wide topics as they arise. Keeping issues in front of people and ensuring their engagement in making our neighborhood and city the world class city it can be is a core priority