What are your top priorities for the Ward?


My top priorities are fighting crime and building small business development, while retaining the
diversity that is unique to our ward.

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Community involvement, open ward office, development, push for more services and City
investment in the ward.

 Decreasing crime by fighting more youth services and opportunities.
 Creating jobs with increased efforts towards economic development
 Accessibility, connecting people to the services
 Fighting for a better educational system
 Improving fiscal and financial responsibility in use of city assets and taxpayer’s money.

My top priority is public safety, beginning with reopening the 13th and 19th Districts. My second
priority is improving our local schools. My third priority is to increase employment in the ward by
creating an environment for small businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive.

My 4 priorities for the ward are: A comprehensive ward services strategy, Enhanced community
policing, moratorium on charter schools and elected school board and an employment strategy for
the chronically unemployed

Public Safety I have put a tremendous amount of work toward establishing a strong relationship among my Office, the 24th Police District, the 17th Police District, the Office of the Cook County Sheriff, my constituents and the business community. When I took Office in May 2011, these relationships did not exist. Since the start of my term in Office, I - or someone from my staff - have attended all CAPS meetings with residents. In partnership with Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, we have hosted several special, daylong policing events with a multi-jurisdictional task force with numerous public safety agencies, including the 24th Police District. These events, which were the first of their kind in the City of Chicago, flooded the neighborhood with more than 50 Sheriff’s Police and Chicago Police officers. The taskforce has netted dozens of arrests in our community including the criminals with outstanding warrants, violent offenders and drug dealers. Drugs and weapons were taken off the streets. Other wards have adopted this program following the successes in the 50th Ward.
Constituent Services We put constituent services first and I have the most responsive and efficient aldermanic office in the City of Chicago. I have close relationships with the City’s department commissioners and we work tirelessly to fix potholes, clean sewers, complete tree trims and remove graffiti as quickly as possible. I have maximized investment in our community to benefit our constituents and businesses.
Our ward’s streets and alleys were devastated by years of neglect. For years, very little was spent to fix our city streets. Since 2011, I have secured millions of dollars in discretionary funding to repave more than 100 streets in the 50th Ward. These improvements were not only funded by the City of Chicago, but also by the State of Illinois. The infrastructure throughout our premier business district along Devon Avenue was crumbling and desperately out of date. After petitioning the Office of the Mayor and working with other elected officials, I delivered a multi-million dollar streetscape project that includes new streets, wider sidewalks, new lighting, street furniture, new planters and trees and features to improve pedestrian safety. This multi-year project, which is currently underway, will drive the economy and investment in one of the City’s most vibrant business districts.The streetscape project includes $1.7 million in state funding.
I obtained an additional $1 million in state funding for an expansion of the North Shore Channel Bike Trail. This money will allow us to build a new crossing for the trail at Lincoln Avenue, giving the 50th Ward’s residents a beautiful and fully connected bike path that stretches for many miles to the north and south.
Additional state funding includes over $1 million for residential street lighting. When I ran for Office, I pledged to improve our community’s many parks. I delivered on that promise and secured funding for eight state-of-the-art neighborhood playgrounds, one for each of the parks in the 50th Ward.
Education Before I took Office, there was no meaningful relationship between school officials and education advocates and the 50th Ward Alderman. I meet regularly with principals from the public and parochial schools in the 50th Ward. Additionally, I have sponsored Educational Forums to help parents learn more about early
childhood, elementary and high school programs. I have advocated for funding for infrastructure and other improvements and delivered million of dollars in City resources to 50th Ward schools. In 2012 and 2013, Chicago Public Schools invested nearly $7 million in capital dollars in 50th Ward schools. I outlined how that money was allocated above. Additional funding has been earmarked for our schools for 2015.

To summarize what I have mentioned previously,
my overall priority will be to tackle traditionally neglected areas in the 17th Ward–from
severe unemployment and school closings, foreclosed homes and abandoned buildings,
to routine infrastructure maintenance. I believe such challenges deserve the attention of a
full-time alderman, whom I consider the “front line” for facilitating progress in Chicago
neighborhoods. My focus:
• An aldermanic office accessible, responsive, transparent, and accountable to
constituents, with multiple communication platforms to provide residents information
about programs and services of benefit
• A strategic plan collectively developed by the community to determine priorities
and goals for improving the ward’s health at every level
• A self-sufficient economy based on locally owned businesses, with support as
needed from appropriate government and private resources
• Equal opportunity for all young people to attend a quality public school
• Maintaining beat-oriented CAPS and allocation of police resources to adequately
address crime

Economic development, broadening access to
quality schools, improving our housing stock, addressing crime and nuisance behavior,
and fostering opportunities to for residents and visitors to enjoy the ward’s many natural
and cultural assets.

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Organizing the community to advocate for improvements for Lincoln Park High School Developing and executing an economic development plan for Lincoln Park, including a cultural and tourism plan. Improving public safety and infrastructure.

My top priorities for the ward are jobs, reduction of crime, education and senior citizen issues,
which is one of my priorities.

My priorities have always been increasing employment, education, safety and
housing opportunities in my ward and the area.
As Alderman, I will continue to ensure that city services are being provided in the most
fiscally efficient manner possible. Advocate for budget adjustments and advance the use
of technology whenever possible to improve and innovate

Safer streets, better education for our children,
economic development and job growth

Preserve Our History As We Continue to Move Our Community Forward
Continue to Invest in and Improve Education in Our Neighborhood
Tackle the Tough Issues and Return Chicago to Fiscal Responsibility

In no particular order I would outline my top priorities as (1) addressing the need for more
beat officers to patrol high risk areas in the Ward; (2) work with local chambers of
commerce, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to develop a strategic plan for revitalizing
the business districts within our Ward; (3) encourage the formation of more block clubs
and community organizations aimed at building a stronger 18th Ward; (4) ensure that our
local schools are given the resources and tools they need to provide students with a
world-class education and a safe learning environment.

Stephen Niketopoulos IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I want to build a new formula for how a ward office operates. The ongoing concerns that the new ward map will create have to do with the mapping of the blocks. My campaign is focused on protecting the rights and the voice of homeowners and small business owners. I believe this city needs to reflect those living in it. I think to do that we need a good system of communication, meaning I would be visible in the community and it would be easy to get a straight answer out of the ward office. I want the new 2nd ward to
be the most open and transparent ward in the city. I want to increase ward meeting times, attend all local meetings and even create local newsletters for the homeowners who prefer to stay informed by mail. The goal is to make those living in the 2nd ward the most informed, since the remapping has sectioned off so many communities across the near north and west town.

My priorities are to reduce crime, create jobs, and build stronger public neighborhood schools.

Susan Sadlowski Garza IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

candidate's responce

My main priorities for improving my Ward are improving our public schools,
decreasing crime, focusing on our municipal debt and financial responsibilities,
preventing further privatization of taxpayer owned assets, and improving city services.

Organize the number of votes, a voting bloc, that demands Fear, Respect & Action
• Contract parity (government solution)
• Elected school board & Funding equity (gov. solution)
• Industry Ownership for Job Creation (community solution)
• Young Adult Resource Directory (community solution)

Our top priorities for the Ward are to continue to push city services to our residents, economic development, increase fair market housing with a affordable component, and working with the community to recognize the needs of our seniors and youth. I will also be working to engage the new portion of our ward and
educate them on the role of their Alderman office. I will work to provide them with additional information on how to be involved within their community and what city services are available to them.

Safety, employment opps, quality schools.

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Since I have been Alderman my top priority has always been providing open and accessible government. In my next term I will make it a priority to continue to build a partnership between the community and the Alderman’s office to ensure that city services meets everyone’s needs.

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I would like to see a 35th Ward with quality neighborhood schools, safe streets, active and engaged neighbors that are making the important decisions on budgeting and development, and vibrant and healthy business corridors that are full of locally owned small businesses.

My highest priorities are:
a) Zoning: coming up with a comprehensive zoning plan for the ward and setting up a 43rd ward zoning board to improve consistency and transparency;
b) Schools: attending regular School Board meetings to learn about their priorities and addressing school issues and needs in a comprehensive manner;
c) Reviving Retail/Restaurants: Encouraging the revival of our retail corridors with a development corporation and a concerted effort to encourage local shopping and dining

Crime Prevention and Public Safety which would
help stimulate greater business activity by providing a safe environment for existing business
owners and those willing to invest in our community. This would not only benefit business but
would provide safety and improved quality of life to the residents of the ward. The biggest
concern I hear from the residents is too much gang activity and lack of resources for our youth.

Affordable housing, jobs and living wages, public education, TIF reform

Airport noise due to the O’Hare Modernization Plan, Education, and City Services

Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

Jobs and Work Force Development
Business and Economic Development
City Service
Public Safety
Pullmans Historic National Park.

If elected alderman my priorities for the Ward will include:
[1] building awareness of resources in the ward
[2] raising the quality of education at all levels
[3] providing more jobs for our residents
[4] improving economic development through supporting existing and securing new businesses
[5] driving home the need for community, knowing your neighbor and knowing your alderman

Stop the closing of more public schools, economic
development, job creation, constituents services and public safety

As I noted above, my highest priority is working with my constituents and all my ward’s
stakeholders to keep it moving forward. We’ve made great progress during my time in office—
thousands of new jobs have come to the ward, and hundreds of millions of dollars have been
invested in businesses, schools, and infrastructure. The Red Line extension to 130th Street is on
its way to becoming a reality, which will provide unprecedented and much-needed access to
economic opportunity for residents of my ward. It finally seems we are beginning to turn the tide
on long years of neglect on the Far South Side, but the battle is from over. I will continue to push
to make sure that my ward emerges stronger than ever from the latest economic malaise.

Reduction in crime, community development, economic development, job creations, educational advancements and city services improvements.

Transparency, Restoring cuts in city services,
developing infrastructure to provide jobs, funding for affordable housing, abolishing TIFS returning
those funds to our schools parks and communities

No response provided

Improve our schools and substantially expand wraparound services and after-school programs. Aggressively go after problem building owners/management. Develop a business development plan that fills our store fronts and creates jobs for local residents. Overhaul the running of our ward office to provide better service to the
residents of the ward.

Joseph J. Moseley II IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council


Strengthening business and economic development in our commercial corridors and
create jobs.
 Preserving our neighborhood’s racial and economic diversity by providing more affordable
ownership and rental opportunities for people of low and moderate income.
 Building on the progress we’ve made to reduce crime in the 49th Ward.
 Continuing my practice of open and inclusive democratic decision making in the ward.
 Enhancing the quality of educational opportunities in our community.
 Improving the quality of public transportation services in the 49th Ward and throughout the

Chevette A. Valentine IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

See Attached Bios and Info Package

Community involvement, open ward office, development, push for more services and City
investment in the ward.