What services need improvement in your ward? How will you achieve this?

City Services

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Seniors living at CHA homes in my ward (there are 5) often lack access to social events and other activities due to low budgets. I am working with representatives from these homes to secure nongovernmental funding to provide a higher level of social engagement for our seniors.

During my tenure as alderman, we have increased the number of constituent service requests filled, increased responsiveness, and dramatically improved communication with ward residents about constituent services. My email newsletter reaches over 12,000 people.

The biggest complaint is Streets and Sanitation services. Streets are not properly cleaned
and snow not timely removed. I would fight to return ward control of the garbage, street
sweeper, and snow trucks.

Street repair, graffiti removal (too slow), coordination of large water and sewer projects to protect
local businesses.

I will continue to invest in our schools, work to make the Ward safer and rebuild our critical infrastructure. Continued communication with residents is a critical part of
determining additional areas that need attention. Schools, public safety and constituent services have been my priorities in my first term and will remain the focus for my Office.

There are
numerous needs, from street and sidewalk repair, to tree trimming and addressing
abandoned buildings. I will tackle the areas that have been ignored for years. I will
prioritize efforts based on ward resources, supplemented with such other resources as
CBDG funds and philanthropic assistance.

The turnaround
time from when my office notifies the city for a service request (e.g., for tree trimming,
potholes, condo rebates, economic development projects) and bureaucracy oftentimes
delays when we get a response from city departments. I continue to work on improving
the allocation of police resources.

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I intend on having a ward convention with a representative of every block in the ward. Included in
this makeup will be area businesses. We will have conversations of what the needs of the ward
are and we will establish a worst first schedule of improvement list. I have some specific ideas of
what I feel needs to be done, however, I will yield to the desires of the neighborhood requests for

We need to improve sewer services, quick repair of street lights, illegal dumping behind
abandoned homes, and boarding up of abandoned buildings. I intend to petition city service
heads to cooperate with my request and lead protest march to city hall if no services are received

Most complaints that I receive from residents are in regards to the lack of communication
and responsiveness of the Department of Streets and Sanitation services. As Alderman, I
will ensure that whomever serves as the 18th Ward Superintendent be responsive and
accessible to the residents. I will also require that the lines of communication stays open
to residents until their requests or concerns are met.
I am also deeply concerned with the shortage of police manpower in the Chicago Police
Department, and more locally, the 8th District.

Park District services and investments need improving. Streets and Sanitation services.
Working with the various agencies and government bodies to target those areas of need.
I will continue to ensure that city services are being provided in the most fiscally
efficient manner possible to continue to provide the optimal delivery of services.

There are several
services that need improvement such as trash pickup, landscaping, crime prevention, economic development, infrastructure improvements. I would develope a volunteer committees and
precinct captians to help identify ways to can improve our ward

Stephen Niketopoulos IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

There are many street repairs needed, as well as sidewalks in disrepair. I would want to have open participatory budgeting to address some of the sections in most dire need. Traffic studies need to be done as well along the river bridges and support streets. This needs to be done and shared with the community to help alleviate the pressure of traffic and frustration of those who live nearby.

Frankly, the 24th ward is lacking in every area of service that an alderman can possibly provide. I will develop a stronger line of communication with my constituents so as to meet their needs more effectively and efficiently. I will work to fill potholes quicker, eliminate excessive trash, and make sure that residents of the ward are aware of the assistance the city can provide them with any number of issues.

Susan Sadlowski Garza IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

candidate's responce

We need to improve the delivery of City Services. To achieve this, I will work with my staff to ensure that all requests are put in to the 311 system and will continue to work with the individual city departments to make sure our service requests are completed.

Services that need improvement in our ward are tree trimming and tree replacement delays,
street repairs and light bulb replacement, graffiti removal, among others. Staff will conduct street
based surveys and report all of the service needs on a daily basis. We won’t wait for a constituent to report a broken street light, my aldermanic staff will go out every day to find the problems so
that we can get them fixed as quickly as possible.

Transparency with zonings and TIF spending. I’m an honest person that cares about my
community, which will help change the way things have been done. Also, not accepting
developer contributions will rid the ward of the “pay to play” measure we’ve been accustomed to.
Blighted areas of the community needs a lot more attention and job growth. My background and
work ethic will help in this quite a bit

Street repair, this will be accomplished by fairly distributing the alderman menu funds allocated Metra property upkeep is a problem. I believe that only community pressure will force an entity
such as Metra, which answers to almost no one, to act. City owned lot upkeep is a problem. We
will hire a more effective superintendent to oversee this work. There is a lack of knowledge of the
resources within the community, and that is where an office that will be run the way we plan to run
ours, can be most effective. We Identify, Educate, Organize and Mobilize community residents,
and that helps us to address all of the issues within our community effectively

When I was elected as Alderman in 2011, I promised to create a system of open and accessible government for our community. For many years previous Aldermen were inaccessible and seldom seen. Our new system of community government has created a partnership between the community and the Alderman’s office that never existed before. As we move forward I hope to continue this partnership to ensure that city services meets everyone’s needs and we continue to improve our community.

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Carlos Ramirez-Rosa IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

My ward’s residents desperately want a responsive service office that addresses city issues in a timely and
professional manner. I will work to address this need by cutting my own salary by $35,000 and investing the savings in ward services, and by hiring compassionate and professional staff in a competitive hiring process. I will also draw upon my experience as a congressional caseworker to implement constituent service best practices. As for the city services, I will be a strong advocate for a neighborhoods first approach, that is to say, I will advocate for funding to be allocated to our schools, our public infrastructure, our public safety, and basic city services, before we create another TIF district or give another corporation a government handout

Responsiveness in general to constituent requests is lacking currently. Spending more time servicing these issues will be a priority and responding to each request in a timely manner will be of highest importance.

Public safety and
resources for our youth. I would achieve it by proposing community centers and implementing a
street intervention youth program. Also, I will have community policing to develop rapport with the
constituents and the residents

Lack of affordable housing and gentrification is the biggest issue in the community. We need
more involvement from the city, adequate policy and resources to stop the displacement of low
income residents in the 25th ward. We could use some of the TIF resources, enforce affordable
units in new construction and put city owned and other property in a land trust in order to have
greater control over the price of the land

after a thorough review of the current services provided, I can make recommendations for
. three existing opportunities for improvement include more double light poles in higher crime
areas; introduction of speed bumps in areas with small children and seniors; regular schedule of
cleaning and sweeping alleys
. these initiatives can be achieved through having an alderman focused on building and
maintaining partnerships with city services

Street cleaning, snow removal, pot hole filing, tree trimming. I will achieve this by
pushing for more dollars to be allocated based on the size of our ward.

Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

Constituent accessibility to the aldermanic needs improvement
Follow up on constituent issues, questions, letters and ideas needs improvement
More menu money is needed based on the size of the ward.
Communication with constituents on day to day decisions that affect them within the ward.

Constituent services
and public safety. As a Ward Superintendent I know and understand the delivery of excellent and
prompt constituent services. Public safety; I have worked as a Beat Facilitator in my community
for the past 12 years and have worked very close with different entities of law enforcement to
deter crime in my area.

The 9th Ward is in need of improvement to pothole-filling and tree-trimming services. I am
persistent in working with the appropriate City departments and personnel to redress these
deficiencies and bring these services up to the required service levels.

Throughout the Wards, city services needs improvements. I would ensure that the proper Departments providing the various sources are adequately staffed and resourced financially.

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Joseph J. Moseley II IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council


We need a complete overhaul of our ward office and how it’s run. This will be one of my top priorities in the first 100 days. I will use the aldermanic expense fund to achieve this

Street repair, graffiti removal (too slow), coordination of large water and sewer projects to protect
local businesses

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I believe that
neighbors working together can do a lot to solve neighborhood problems. Block clubs in the 49th
Ward have been involved in issues from litter to gangs to school reform. Getting to know our
neighbors builds a sense of neighborhood, and the best way to know each other is to work
together to solve a problem. I have encouraged and will continue to encourage the formation of
more block clubs in the 49th Ward and work closely with the block clubs to identify areas where
city services are falling short.

Chevette A. Valentine IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

Buildings need to be
rehabbed or demolished, empty store fronts need tenants, more parks and play yards.

Constituent Service response and engagement. When you call the alderman’s office for something you rarely get a response other than the automated response for submitting.
I will establish a customer service ticketing system so that we can identify and know where each request is at in its journey to being resolved/addressed

Basic constituent services need to be improved, including streets and sanitation services.
Potholes, caving sidewalks, broken guardrails, and other hazards create dangerous conditions
for residents, particularly the disabled and elderly. We will address this by communicating
proactively with residents and Streets and Sanitation or other responsible departments.