Will you vote for the Municipal ID ordinance? Why or why not?

Civil Rights

No, I believe that this ordinance requires more investigating to determine potential


YES Our City is a city of immigrants and my ward is a ward of immigrants. We should do all we can to put people who are new to our country on equal footing as those who have been here for decades. It is the decent and fair thing to do.
No resident should be barred from having something as basic as access to non-predatory banking, a doctor, a dentist or insurance, just because they do not have a status that historically has not afforded them access to these services.
If a municipal ID can help provide a safety net for new immigrants and others, we should support it.

No. Municipal ID would create an unnecessary city expense in the administering and
distribution. A means test in offering state ID vouchers would be a more cost
affective alternative.

I believe that all residents should have access to basic identification. This ordinance would assist youth, first-generation immigrants, individuals struggling with homelessness, and seniors in securing basic, everyday services like banking, homeless aid, and access to library services.

Yes, No response provided.

YES.A municipal ID card allows undocumented immigrants to access basic city services and identify
themselves with police and other city officials. Such a program would improve city
administration by promoting the integration of undocumented immigrants into city affairs. It
would likely be cost-effective in safeguarding the health, safety, and welfare of all city residents.

Chevette A. Valentine IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

No. I need to research more


Municipal IDs offer a legitimate form of identification to undocumented
immigrants who are unable to obtain a driver’s license or State ID, and are therefore unable to
receive certain services. The cards also improve relations between undocumented immigrants
and the police

No response provided

Joseph J. Moseley II IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council


No response provided

Everyone should have an option for an ID to be used for a variety of purposes, not the least of which is voter registration and banking.

YES.Chicago has always been and should always be a friend to the downtrodden and the stranger,
and providing municipal IDs would be a great way to open our arms to those in need of critical
public services, not to mention basic identification in order to access a more robust life in our city.

Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

YES.A city ID would provide the benefits of identification for immigrants and homeless persons within
the city limits.
I would only vote for a Municipal ID Ordinance if they were not discriminatory in anyway and,
• Improved community safety by making it easier for those without state-issued ID to interact
with local authorities.
•Improved access to financial services by providing a form of ID that will allow those without
other forms of identification to open bank accounts.
• Mitigates impact of racial profiling.
• Make symbolic statement of welcome and solidarity to immigrant residents.
• Promote unity and sense of membership in the local community among all residents.

No. I think this should be handled at the state level

Yes.I would if this helps undocumented immigrants obtain certain key services, such as driver’s

I am not familiar with the Municipal ID ordinance, but I’m in favor of all people having access to police protection and other city services, regardless of their ability to obtain other government-issued identification.

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

A municipal ID is a great way to ensure all Chicagoans can establish their residency in the City of
Chicago and fully participate as equals in American society.


No response provided

Not sure what this is.

Susan Sadlowski Garza IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

candidate's responce

NO, We have to look more at the program to receive details, this has to be more than just a way to increase revenue.

yes. I support the Municipal ID ordinance. The ordinance will help many Chicagoans establish legal
identity and residency and would allow card holders to access basic services such as banking,
public transportation, homeless aid and library access. The Municipal ID would not allow id
holders permission to drive, fly on an airplane, and may not be accepted by other municipalities
other than Chicago thereby posing little if any security risk. The fees for the program will also pay
for itself.

Gives people a way to establish identity, get bank accounts, use public
transportation, helps the homeless out, etc..

Stephen Niketopoulos IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

Citizens should not be allowed to be denied police protection and other services
because they lack the proper identification.


I would seek to evaluate any state or federal laws that are established for Municipal identification before defining a municipal ordinance.

I think the current systems of identification are satisfactory

Yes. The ordinance as I understand it would create a card that can be used by any resident to access
city services, but cannot be used for other purposes (such as a driver’s license). Given the
number of people who do not have access to other forms of I.D., I think offering the alternative of
a city I.D. would make it easier for immigrants and homeless people to access city services.
However, I making the city I.D. mandatory to access services

No. It has continued to be a little publicized or discussed measure. It seems
another form of taxation and smacks of a veiled threat to immigrants. I have not seen any
measurable benefits that would outweigh either the resources required to manage and
enforce such an ordinance or the inconvenience and burden to Chicagoans.

No. We have state ID’s and another level of service that will cost people more
money and the city more resources outweighs the benefit.