Please comment on current women and minority participation in city hiring and contracts. Be sure your comments include firefighter and police officer recruitment and promotion.

Civil Rights

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While much advancement has been made in improving inequity in city hiring, effort needs to be
made to ensure equal access, without discrimination, to any group, and I would support that.

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I find that the numbers of women and minority hiring in the city is not in line with the city
population. More needs to be done to actively recruit these groups in municipal jobs.

your comments include firefighter and police officer recruitment and promotion.
The problem with the policy of minority and women hiring is the people hire to implement the policy.
I would like the mayor to work with organizations to hire an independent progressive professional to
be head human resources. I would also advocate for a No Waiver policy for contractors who come
to the minority contract compliance officer seeking a waiver because he/she could not find a
minority subcontractor to feel the general contractor’s obligation.
The city should invest into a diversity company to re-write and administer the police and fire exams.
Up to and including the overhaul or elimination of the psychological profile exams. With the
amount of misconduct that is currently being observed within the police department, the
psychological exam is obviously not accomplishing what it has set out to do

I am a women and a minority who owns her business, and I know firsthand that even today some
firms that are owned by women and minorities are overlooked in contracting. I support programs
that set aside some contracts for minority and women owned businesses. And while gains have
been made by women and minorities in the Fire and Police Departments, I believe that those
Departments need to continue to recruit and promote women and minorities.

Our City employees, including police and firefighters, should look like the people you see when you visit neighborhoods across of the City of Chicago. Until that happens, we have more work to do. When it comes to recruiting the underrepresented, the City should take a lead on going out and bringing in the best and brightest and most-qualified from all of our communities.

My experience
suggests there is an increase in MWE participation but not for MBEs. Even the increase in
MWE participation has not been significant and needs to increase.
The “good ole boy” network still prevails in both the police and fire departments,
especially in the latter. Police have made good strides and should continue to do so. The
fire department has a long way to go and must first change the racist culture

As noted above,
I have sponsored legislation related to contracts. The Police Dept. has made progress, but the bench of African Americans is very thin at the Police and Fire Departments. They are
failing to recruit or promote Black officers.

All city hiring should be fair and above board. City hiring, including police firefighting and
contracting should be in proportion to the minority make-up of the city, women included

Participation in city hiring and contracts should be available for all individuals, regardless of sex, ethnic background, or religion. Police officers and fire fighters should be familiar with and representative of the neighborhoods that they serve.

I feel that the city has complied with the mandate that was issued by the late Judge
Prentiss Marshall but once again I will state that there are inequities in the system still and
current statistics bear this out. In particular both the Police and Fire Department have
readily admitted that the racial and gender makeup of their Departments fail to reflect the
makeup of the City.

I think the city gets a failing grade on participation levels. The fire and police
departments continue to fail to deliver the appropriate representation of minorities.History tells us the only way we have been any kind of balance is through federal
court supervision and order.

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Stephen Niketopoulos IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I have no immediate experience with this, although I do support women being paid more on average than they currently are. The process can often be politicized, and there are many review issues between some promotions having an inside track. I'd like to see a fair plan of action.

There has undoubtedly been a lack of minority and women participation in city hiring and contracts. The city needs to make more concerted effort to ensure that minorities and women. I think is important to have more minorities and women and decision making positions within the city council and the mayors office to see to it that contracts and city hiring are handled in an equitable manner.

I strongly advocate for women and minorities participating in receiving city contracts. While receiving a contract is important, it is also critical that we have women and minority participation in managerial roles. Marketing efforts by both Police and Fire Departments show the city’s commitment to diversity hiring and promotions.

I favor affirmative action in contracting and hiring so that women and minority firms get
a fair opportunity in employment. The Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire
Department needs to hire more women and minorities to make their personnel more
representative of the demographics in Chicago.

I do not feel as though we have a transparent and robust enough program. Each and every city
division should be held accountable to hiring and ensuring employment and contracts for women
and minorities.

Susan Sadlowski Garza IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

candidate's responce

Minority contract participation has historically been at a lower percentage than our representative
numbers in the city of Chicago, yet our numbers of minority hires has generally been more closely
representative of our numbers. Although the practice of minority hiring has not always been fair
and just, the city has made a deliberate effort to right the wrongs of unjust hiring practices, yet we
have a long way to go to insure parity in the distribution of contracts.

Individuals with disabilities in city hiring and contracts should be encouraged, incentivized where possible, and enforced to the full extent of the federal civil rights laws.

I would support examining the City of Chicago’s MBE/WBE programs to ensure that we are providing ample opportunity to all woman and minority business owners to compete for city jobs and contracts including the hiring of police and firefighters.

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Carlos Ramirez-Rosa IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I strongly support equal opportunity in hiring. I believe we must work to ensure that women and people of color are not underrepresented in city hiring and contracts. To that end I support existing legislation that promotes contracts for minority and women owned businesses. My aunt – a Latina – is a Chicago Police officer and, in my opinion, she is the most professional and committed officer in her district. Women and people of color should be recruited and promoted within our police and fire departments.

We are in need of more women and minority participation in both the Fire and Police Department.
There are only 10% of Latinos in the Police Department and that is unacceptable. We need to
see more minorities and women in leadership as well. There is a disturbing ongoing lack of color
and diversity in both the Police and Fire Department.

While progress has been made, much more needs to be done to penetrate institutions that
historically have not been very friendly to minorities and women. Proper steps need to be taken
so that we have clear data and goals

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Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

When I worked as a facility manager and property manager it was emphasized that we may sure
work was assigned to all qualified MBE/DBE/WBE/SDVOSBC (Service-Disabled VeteranOwned
Small Business Concerns. I believe my company beat most city standards.

Again, this is an area where the City always has room for improvement, including in firefighter and
police officer recruitment and promotion.

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The City should ensure that women, as well as minorities, are adequately represented in City hiring and contracts. It is widely known that women and minorities are underrepresented on the police and fire departments, particularly in the supervisory ranks. I would support initiates that would give preference in the hiring process such as those given to veterans through veterans preference points.

I can only comment on the fact that I believe there should be complete gender and minority equality in hiring
and in pay scales and contracts.

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Joseph J. Moseley II IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council


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While the City has done a good job in hiring women and minorities in low and mid-level city jobs,
its record of including African Americans in high-level policy making jobs remains inadequate.
Similarly, while the City has done an adequate job of ensuring women and most minority groups
receive a fair share of city contracts, African Americans are seriously under-represented.
The City’s record of recruiting minority police officers and fire fighters also remains inadequate,
but it has made some hopeful strides as of late, especially with regard to the Fire Department. A
new entrance exam has been implemented that promises to test skills that are directly related to
the skills of being a fireman. This hopefully will result in new hires that are more reflective of the
diversity of the City as a whole.

As a global marketer I have found it invaluable to see the strength in diversity of people, ideas, actions and approaches. This mentality would continue to flow into my civic perspectives as well. Finding the best resource for the need at hand is the criteria to enable success. Knowing that this can come from the most unlikely of sources is critical in evlauating that criteria.

While much advancement has been made in improving inequity in city hiring, effort needs to be
made to ensure equal access, without discrimination, to any group, and I would support that

Chevette A. Valentine IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I am focused
less on the roles and more on equal pay, for years I have carried the mantle for roles and
did not receive fair compensation as my make counterparts.

Historically, there has been discrimination against women and minorities in city hiring, and in
particular, the hiring and promotion of police and firefighters. Just as is the case in the judiciary,
I think we are better served by having people in these roles who have the benefit of diverse life
experiences and look like the population they serve. I think affirmative action in hiring and
promotion is appropriate particularly in these areas where discrimination is demonstrable.