Please comment on current participation of individuals with disabilities in city hiring and contracts.

Civil Rights

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The city should strengthen its effort to make sure that individuals with disabilities have equal
access to jobs and contracts and accommodations for their different needs when hired

I applaud steps that have previously been taken to include more individuals with disabilities in City hiring and contracts, but I recognize that there is more work to be done.

I agree that the disabled are an underrepresented protected class that are regularly
discriminated against and assistance should be given to balance hiring to mirror the city
percentage of individuals with disabilities.

believe the city currently has a decent program for the hiring of individuals with disabilities.

I would like to see individuals with disabilities have a higher level of participation when it comes to hiring opportunities and contracts with the City of Chicago.

My experience leads me to believe the city has done a good job in hiring but could do a lot
better as it relates to contracts.

While I cannot speak authoritatively on the city as a whole, I have been a strong supporter
in my ward of rights and employment opportunities for the disabled.

I believe that people with disabilities are often wrongly overlooked when bidding for business. I
support programs that set aside some contracts for firms that are owned by and/or
disproportionately hire people with disabilities

People with disabilities should not be hindered from obtaining employment

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I believe that that the city is in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and
have read Press Releases that the City has issued that encourage the hiring of citizens
with disabilities.

Our society is going to be seeing greater numbers of the disabled. We have an aging
population and wars are raging around the world. In addition to those who are born with
disabilities. Addressing the matter of hiring and contracts is proper planning.

Stephen Niketopoulos IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I think that hiring can be difficult for some, therefor they should have the opportunity. Contracts on the other hand should be able reliable reputation and bidding

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The City should increase the hiring of qualified individuals with disabilities to work in
all areas of city government and city contractors and provide reasonable
accommodations to ensure they are successful in completing those jobs. Chicago should
also continue to support organizations like Access Living in developing innovations in
employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Susan Sadlowski Garza IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

candidate's responce

The City of Chicago strongly believes in diversity with hiring and contracts. This is evident with the establishment of the Mayors office of People’s with Disabilities.

This needs to be much stronger. I worked at Trinity Services in which I was a job coach for
individuals with disabilities and strongly feel that we need to empower and provide opportunities
for these folks.

I have no knowledge of these levels of participation, and don’t have an expert in my direct
network, I need to do more research of the issues effecting this community

Individuals with disabilities in city hiring and contracts should be encouraged, incentivized where possible, and enforced to the full extent of the federal civil rights laws.

I am committed to ensuring that the city does all it can to promote the hiring of individuals with disabilities for city jobs and contracts.

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Carlos Ramirez-Rosa IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I believe the law is clear – all Americans, regardless of their disabilities, should have an equal opportunity. I will support measures to strengthen equal opportunity and reduce hiring barriers and eliminate discrimination for people with disabilities.

I believe every human has a significant purpose in life and if individuals with disabilities desire
employment in the city and are capable of the job duties, they have every right as a human to
proceed and be hired.

I’m not aware of the figures, but t is something that needs to be looked into with the seriousness it
deserves and adjusted accordingly

Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

Hiring persons with disabilities requires a personnel department that is well versed on provision of
reasonable accommodations in order to provide an employment opportunity. Often times
ignorance of these processes lends itself to the hiring discrimination. The city should mandate
hiring personnel be well versed in reasonable accommodations and provide technical assistance
to contractors for the same purpose.
A part our community’s benefits agreement with businesses addresses hiring people with
disabilities. See below.
 Meet or exceed City of Chicago MBE/DBE/WBE/SDVOSBC (Service-Disabled VeteranOwned
Small Business Concerns)
 Break large contracts down into smaller contracts.
 Notify local contracting organizations of contracting opportunities.
 Publish the project timeline with key dates, i.e. RFB notifications, Award Dates,
Construction Starts and Finish, etc. RFQ for Businesses
 Include suppliers, service providers and professional services in all public bid
notifications, i.e. civil engineers, surveyors, movers, janitorial service, electrical supply,
glass supply, etc.

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I think all people should be given opportunities, particularly those that are often most
disenfranchised or underrepresented as long as they can get the job done.

This is an area where the City always has room for improvement.

The City should ensure that persons with disabilities are adequately represented in City hiring and contracts and that there are nondiscriminatory measures in place to ensure EEOC practices and enforced.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough information to comment at this time.

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Joseph J. Moseley II IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council


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Under the excellent leadership of Karen Tamley, Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office
of People with Disabilities, the City has made great strides in hiring disabled people for a wide
range of city jobs. The City currently does not have a set aside requirement for people with
disabilities in purchases and contracts, but I would be open to supporting an ordinance imposing
such a requirement.

People with disabilities are just as willing, capable and experienced to do a variety of activities, and need to be afforded the access to the same opportunities that exist for those without disabilities. I will always seek to identify the best resource for the need.

Candidly, I don’t know a lot about this issue. I would support affirmative action based on
disability status as well as the aforementioned categories.

The city should strengthen its effort to make sure that individuals with disabilities have equal
access to jobs and contracts and accommodations for their different needs when hired.

Chevette A. Valentine IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I am disabled, there should be openings for those with disabilities to fill openings if
qualified for said task and it does not impede the progress of the office or the production
of that role.