What measures, if any, should the City Council adopt in response to recent court decisions striking down Chicago's handgun ban?

Public Safety

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I feel this is a states rights issue and it should be handled by the

None, I agree with the current state law that regulates gun ownership and possession.

The City should pursue all options when it comes to protecting the public and keeping dangerous people from accessing to guns. Those who use them in the commission of crime should receive strong sentences to ensure they do not return to our streets.

We have adequate gun laws on the books. We need
to exercise the political will to apply them effectively.

The Council has already strengthened related laws.

I believe we should continue to explore ways to keep handguns out of the hands of would be
criminals especially the use of background information of potential guy buyers as well as better
tracking of guns through their serial numbers

I support proposals to video tape gun sales and limit gun sales to one per month. I also support
the creation of broader gun-free zones.

There are no legal measures that the City Council could take to ban handguns at this time. I support the gun control measures that were passed prior to the court’s ruling.

I think that the City has responded appropriately by making it mandatory that citizens
receive firearms training and given guidelines as to their rights and responsibilities as
firearms owners. I also believe there should be stricter penalties for those caught using or
possessing an illegal firearm in the City of Chicago

The Council has already Set sensible guidelines that conform to the rulings of the court.

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Stephen Niketopoulos IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

Ban guns in as many places as possible

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We need to ensure that anyone who poses a handgun is adequately trained and has been through the proper protocol.

Publish chain of ownership of firearms used in
homicides and illegal public shootings where lives are put at risk, fine people who sell
firearms but report them stolen, and apply an annual registration fee on some firearms.

Susan Sadlowski Garza IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

candidate's responce

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Try and reinstate it

Gun violence is a serious problem in Chicago that must be addressed within the confines of federal law. After courts struck down Chicago’s handgun ban, I supported new regulations requiring background checks, closing the gun show loopholes, and limiting buyers to one purchase per month.

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I applaud the ordinance passed by the Council last June. I would work with the ICAHV to craft additional measures that would pass legal muster.

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

The courts have clearly decided this question, and Ibelieve the City Council acted judiciously by reforming the city’s handgun ordinance. Ultimately,we need more regulation of gun sales at gun shows – particularly those in Indiana – to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

This is a complex issue because the Supreme Court
overruled the mandate and stated that it is against the Second Amendment to bear arms. Many
difficult decisions will have to be made. At this time the handgun ban is directly tied to what the
Supreme Court has decided. The only recourse my office has is to try to work alongside with
State Legislation to attempt another motion to appeal the case to the Supreme Court

Chicago needs to insist and also keep educating the community about the dangers handguns.

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Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

The City’s handgun ban is quite ineffective since it seems the only people who have unlimited
access to hand guns and use them are the criminals. The so called ban does not reach where it
should be reaching. The answer is not to have citizens with FOID allowances unarmed and
vulnerable to the undesireables. The research required will be much more extensive and
thorough than present methods employed. I must admit I do not know the answer, but I am
certainly willing to put my head together with my ward residents and other interested alderman to
hammer out a comprehensive approach.
Enumerated is the US Constitution and many state constitutions is the right specifically protected
3] such that people have a personal right to own arms for individual use, and a right to bear these
same arms both for personal protection and for use in a militia.
Common sense gun laws are needed as:
• back ground checks,
• Registering guns as you register vehicles
• limitations bullet magazine sizes,
• Regulating rapid fire military type guns

Stiffer penalties to those that commit crimes with illegally
purchased guns

The City has responded about as well as it can to the recent decisions, which leave it little room to
operate on this issue. It’s worth exploring our gun crime laws to see where we might be able to
toughen penalties for those who would supply guns illegally to criminals.

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I believe the most effective approach is to stop focusing on guns (beyond what CPD is already doing to remove them from the streets) and begin to proactively focus on elimination of gangs in Chicago. That is a topic for extensive discussion.

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Joseph J. Moseley II IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council


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I supported and voted for Mayor Emanuel’s ordinances
that placed restrictive measures on conceal-carry and the possession and sale of guns in the City
of Chicago.

We must work to make our community safer. We should be doing everything possible to ensure our children can safely walk and bike to school. While I recognize we live in an urban environment, we should not accept as a way of life any crime and violence that makes our children and their parents feel unsafe." Then add something in about supporting any commonsense measures that have proven to work in other similar communities.

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Chevette A. Valentine IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

Stick to our guns and keep fighting to maintain and
enforce stronger gun laws and enforcement, also to implement stronger sentencing laws
for violators caught with firearms

he City Council should adopt the most restrictive measures on handguns that would pass
constitutional muster. These should include long waiting periods, rigorous background checks,
heavy taxes on firearms, and requiring handgun microstamping to provide a ballistic fingerprint.