What measures will you support to ensure that there is an adequate supply of affordable family sized units available to families in the Section 8 program?

Housing & Affordability

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The City has a large amount of vacant parcels throughout the City can be used to create appropriately sized housing for families that qualify for Section 8. As I noted earlier, the City should move aggressively to develop these parcels for the benefit of low and middle income families.

I will use housing organizations to properly list available families property in the Section 8

When we are in the process of rehabbing units under the NSP, we must ensure we purposely rehab units to accommodate
larger families.

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I currently fight to make sure that the Housing Choice Voucher Program (section 8) is more
competitive and enticing for home owners to rent to low income voucher holders.

I would co-sign an ordinance to that effect. I would also support legislation that gives first refusal
rights to the residents of the block in which the foreclosed homes are located. Many people have
told me that they would like to purchase the homes for their children but do not know how to
proceed with the inquiry.

We have a wide range of housing options in the 50th Ward. We are very unique in that sense and I intend to make sure those options continue to be available so our Ward remains a diverse place open to people of all backgrounds.
I have worked with City housing agencies and police to make sure our landlords are respectful of their tenants and neighbors. We have worked with landlords and police to make sure that problem tenants are removed.

As of the last census, my ward had
the highest number of section 8 residents. Our concern is more the programs to support
these families.

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As Alderman, a goal to accomplish is the creation of an adequate amount of housing for
families under Section 8. One of the key objectives to reach this goal is to require a
percentage of new construction homes to be available to Section 8 recipient families.
Making an adequate assessment of available homes and families under Section 8 will
make sure the current resources are allocated in the proper way. The next objective would
be the creation of incentives for developers and property managers to allow Section 8
recipient families to move into their property. This can be accomplished by highlighting
the economic pluses and debunking the negative stereotypes associated with Section 8

We have stabilized many housing corridors in the 20th ward, turning abandon buildings
or vacant lots into sustainable housing options for all residents. We continue to
encourage income diversity but ensure that all new and rehab housing developments
have an affordable component to its strategy. Using tax credits, federal funding and
forcing CHA to utilize the vouchers and resources that agency holds would be an
immediate boost.

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Stephen Niketopoulos IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I will work to make sure there are measures in place for the construction of new homes near to schools, all of our neighborhoods need to be sustained even if the schools are in flux.

I believe that this is a good program that provides many benefits to landlords. We need to make sure that we are attracting and marketing this program to landlords and also promoting the program to the community so individuals can learn more.

Build more affordable housing in the city, also force CHA to be more open to how the Section 8 program works to help keep an ample supply of family sized units within the city

We can look into having a minimum number of units in large apartment buildings for Section 8 tenants. If the minimum is not met. We can tax the management company and make it more desirable to meet those
minimum requirements.

The city must address income discrimination among landlords to ensure that families with
section 8 vouchers are not being blocked from otherwise affordable units.

Susan Sadlowski Garza IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

candidate's responce

I would engage in the same process that I plan to use for all such issues; Dissect options with my
network of experts, Simplify their suggestions, present simplified description of the issue and the
proposed solutions to our community and poll for the most wanted route

Anything I need to do. Everyone deserves to have an affordable place to live.

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The new rules about affordable housing set asides should work well going forward, as it is consistently enforced and buy outs are not allowed. I expect that buy out fees support subsidies for new low income housing? I would encourage that if not. We have some very successful Section 8 housing buildings in our neighborhood where some low income families live side by side with full fare tenants. It can be done, and benefits everyone.

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I am a strong supporter of the Section 8 program. I will work with landlords and developers in my ward to ensure they are making more units available to those in the Section 8 program, and I support measures that tie
city subsidies to the creation of Section 8 units.

Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

That would be included in the 1/3 between 30 and 40% discussed in question #52.

I would petition the federal government to purchase and manage abandoned houses.

This question will require further research and consideration.

Appropriate funding, proactive advertisement, reasonable management of waiting lists

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Any developers that propose and
request permits for new developments in my ward will have to include in their contract a
significant percentage that will be subsidized towards affordable housing

Michael E. LaFargue IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

That would be included in the 1/3 between 30 and 40% discussed in question #52

Humboldt Park relative to other
communities in Chicago has a disproportionately higher level of Section 8/ low income housing. I
would propose that there be more of an equitable distribution of these services within other
communities across the city.

A complete review of the Section 8 program needs to be performed AND made public to identify where current Section 8 housing exists and then put into place a plan to ensure that additional housing is made available in
communities where this housing doesn’t currently exist or is not on par with other communities.
We need to make this program equitable so that Section 8 housing is available THROUGHOUT
the 77 communities of our city

With the CHA increasingly pulling back from its historical role as housing provider to the poor, it is
incumbent upon Chicago’s leadership to find ways to incentivize private developers to build the
units the city’s residents need. I would support exploring doing so through the Affordable
Requirements Ordinance

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It depends on what is in the ward, what
opportunity will arise for additional family housing. Speaking to existing management companies
to help them with the process of section 8, even thought management companies are not
suppose to decline someone with a section 8 a lot of them do solely based on the amount of
paper work involved, there would be a liaison through my office that would worked directly with
property owners and management companies.

Joseph J. Moseley II IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council


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In an ideal world, families
with section 8 vouchers that would be freely accepted by landlords throughout metropolitan
Chicago. The reality, of course, is far different. There are not enough affordable rental apartments
available to section 8 voucher holders. We must continue to enforce the laws against
discrimination based on income, and educate landlords about their rights and responsibilities to
accept section 8 vouchers. In addition, we must continue to push for reforms in the administration of the section 8 program to eliminate some of the legitimate reasons that landlords shy away from
participating in the program. Finally, we must continue to advocate at the state and federal level
for more funding for affordable housing initiatives

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Again, I support the Keeping the Promise ordinance, and I believe we need much more attention
to the issue of affordable housing citywide. All neighborhoods should be offering affordable
family-sized units so that low-income people have access to housing not just concentrated in
certain areas, but across the city.

Chevette A. Valentine IVI-IPO 2015 Chicago City Council

I am currently working with local
property owners who are making active listings available to the public and also working
with the CHA to ensure all ordinances are being properly enforced.